Six Practices to Save Money on Air Conditioning in Vancouver

Canada Furnace shows how electricity can literally stand on money

It’s every consumer’s objective to maximize utility while minimizing costs. This also applies to customers in Vancouver where everyone tries as much as possible to reduce expenses incurred at the month’s end while maximizing effectiveness. However, most people have to pay high utility bills that emerge from using air conditioners, especially during the summer. By following the tips below, you might be amazed by the little bill that arises from using your air conditioner in the next summer while maintaining more efficient service from your air conditioner.

1. Seal the vents

Have you checked your home to ensure there are no leaks or air circulation concerns? If not, inspect your house to make sure that it is as energy efficient as possible. This means looking for any areas where air may be leaking into or out of your house such as windows, doors, or cracks in the walls. If you come across ducts that allow cold air to leak out of the room or hot air come inside, use caulk to fill such gaps. An airway-free room makes it more energy efficient thereby enabling your air conditioner to work more efficiently.

2. Ensure your thermostat is on the right wall

Remember, the placing of your thermostat plays a significant role on the utility bill you spend on your electricity. Thus, placing your thermostat on the wrong wall could lead to higher bills than expected. Therefore, do not position it in areas that do not match the overall room temperature such as near windows or doors that tend to be too warm due to the temperature outside. Also, do not place them on your bathroom’s wall since bathroom temperatures may let it detect the wrong temperature due to the water temperature changes. Vancouver Air Conditioning Installation – Central A/C believes that the best place to set your thermostat is on a wall in the interior most used room. Such an area may enhance its proper functioning hence avoiding high expenses.

3. Close the blinds

When you let the sun rays inside your house, heat is radiated. Therefore, to prevent the warming that comes in due to these rays, close your window blinds. This helps to avoid heating your thermostat unnecessarily. Also, closing blinds assist your unit not to work overtime on a mission to cool your room. Another option is the use of window films or window screens which reflect heat before it is transmitted through your glass window.

4. Make use of a fan

Make use of energy efficient fans in some areas to minimize the use of your air conditioner. The lesser your air conditioner runs, the longer it will last. In some cases, it may be justifiable to have energy efficient fans sitting around, or you may opt for overhead or ceiling fans. Sometimes, you can use the fans instead of the air conditioner especially on cooler days and at night. These serve as an excellent backup idea since they do not consume much energy. However, only make use of ceiling fan when there is someone at home and do not leave them on when leaving your premises.

5. Install a programmable thermostat

People believe that leaving your air conditioner at the same temperature when you’re gone can save you energy bills since it won’t have to work much to cool the temperatures when you are back. However, this is wrong. The best alternative is to get a programmable thermostat and have the best of both worlds – an air conditioner that is off when you are not there but one that turns on and cools before you come back. Remember, your air conditioner must be well maintained to operate at top efficiency. That means changing the filters regularly and having maintenance and repairs done by an air conditioner contractor.

6. Setting low is not always applicable

When at home, it is recommendable to set an indoor temperature of 24 degrees. When you are away or when you don’t need any cooling, you can raise the temperature of your thermostat. Following this trend can help save your air-conditioning bills since setting the highest temperature can contribute to saving amazingly.

If you follow the rules above, then you’re sure to have a healthy and safe cooling system while not having to incur high utility bills in Vancouver. Also, remember to ask for professional technicians in Vancouver to help in installing and maintaining your air conditioner.

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