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Dealing with legal issues can be tough especially if you have no idea about the process, what your rights are and how to protect these rights. Your problems can be compounded if you have a case involving different areas of the law. The same is true if you are facing a legal complaint and want to the deal with it the easiest way possible.

Like many people I made a few bad decisions involving a couple of real estate properties that I had inherited. This was not something that I could handle myself, so I sought the services of local lawyers and law firms in my area. At first most of the lawyers I talked to were wary about taking me on. For one, I faced a powerful adversary, and I was missing some documents that would have made a huge difference in my chances of winning these cases. My real estate legal dilemma was also expected to drag me through a couple of years of court appearances given the complicated nature of the case.

Laughlin Law was one of my obvious options because they were located near the Coquitlam Town Centre:

I scheduled a consult over the phone which also gave me the opportunity to send in my documents ahead of time so they can review it before our meeting.

When I talked to Laughlin Law for the first time, I immediately got the sense that they handled cases like mine on a regular basis. The staff was friendly and accommodating the very minute I stepped into their office, and a junior associate was with me in a matter of minutes. I had already sent in my documents before appearing for my appointment, so I was not surprised to note that the lawyer I was talking to appeared to be familiar with the details of my case. Our conversation merely consisted of me confirming important details like dates and the like.

The main meeting consisted of me meeting with the lawyers who will work on my team. They gave me the rundown on what my case basically was, how they handled a case like these and what I can expect. My real estate case involved various interconnected legal issues, but the law firm appeared to be unfazed which is probably because they handle real estate cases that involve matters relating to family estate law, residential real estate law and corporation law. More of their practice areas can be found here: They also presented to me several mediation and arbitration options that I had that could apply to certain aspects of my case and certain involved parties that if successful, could drastically fast-track the court process and eliminate the need for a long and protracted court battle. All these looked very promising to me and gave me hope that maybe I could get out of this problem faster than anticipated.

It was all clear-cut and precise, which left me feeling confident that these guys really know how to get the job done. It also made me feel good knowing that handling cases like mine was something the law firm regularly did and it was something they were good at.

Real estate legal glitches are naturally a big inconvenience for anyone not familiar with the law. However, having a competent legal team working with me is making a big difference in helping me sleep at night.

I would highly recommend Laughlin Law whether you are dealing with buying or selling a home and unexpected legal issues that could arise. Their lawyers are experts in providing competent legal representation when you face problems with financing, house inspection and even when either party changes his or her mind. Mortgage problems and even problems related to Port Coquitlam municipal zoning and undisclosed structural issues are handled smoothly and with an eye towards ensuring that your rights are protected every step of the way. I would not hesitate to work with the real estate lawyers at Laughlin Law again in the future.

Thank you so much Laughlin Law.

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