Reasons to Contact a Vancouver Car Accident Lawyer After a Crash

One thing is for sure, and that is we cannot evade an accident, and we never know when it will happen to us. When a person is involved in a car accident, he/she suffers some injuries and the vehicle too. When this happens, he/she should make or file a claim in which some compensation is supposed to be granted to him by an insurance firm. This compensation is meant to cover the medical bills if any injuries were sustained and for the property damaged which is the car. For this reason, an accident lawyer is crucial. However, there is no law that instructs you to hire an injury lawyer, but the following reasons make it vitals to do so.


Accident lawyers will fight and defend your claims and rights

After an accident has happened to you, you become a claimant immediately you file a claim. Always, the insurance firm of the person who caused the crash will try and find reasons to favor them in court so that they do not become responsible for compensating you. “If you hire an accident lawyer, he/she is very familiar with the processes involved and will make sure your claims go through and get that compensation. Also, all insurance companies have brilliant lawyers who need someone knowledgeable in that area to help you.” – said Natalia Rutledge a car accident law expert.

Gathers all possible evidence

After an accident, most probably the claimer will take the accident pictures the personal contacts of the accident cause and witnesses too. Sometimes when you file this claim, you may be required to seek a court order so as to have the accessibility of some vital evidence while the claim is at the litigation stage. Here is where an accident lawyer will come in to assist you to obtain that court order.


Ensures that you get a fair compensation

Most insurance companies are fond of settling accident claims before they reach the court, more so after a crash has immediately happened. In most cases, you find that the insurance is supposed to pay you more, but since the accident makes you a little bit confused, they will try to capitalize on that and make you agree their offer. But if an accident lawyer is hired, he/she will ensure that all those tricks used by the insurance company do not apply and that you finally get a fair compensation as it is supposed to be when the claim is taken to court.


He/she is well familiar with limitation statute

Most countries have a time limit if filing a personal accident claim. It is two or three years. Sometimes, there are accidents which have a short time to file claims. This means that all claims should be filed in that period, and it’s the accident lawyer who will assist in speeding up your case to be heard and a verdict reached.


It becomes cheaper

Taking an accident claim to court can sometimes be costly and time-consuming especially when you are a busy person. On the other hand, hiring an accident lawyer is cheap as they get their payment after you have earned the compensation. Normally, the payment is a small percentage of the salary received. Analyzing this, hiring the lawyer will save you precious time, and the chances are that with him fighting for your rights, you will get a higher compensation than if you would have stood by yourself.

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