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Today, the experts at The Naked Truth Maple Ridge are going to go over the laser hair removal treatments and various different advantages and disadvantages. Check out this site for more info on The Naked Truth.

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A big issue for many men and women has always been hair in unwanted places and excessive hair growth. We devote a lot of time and a lot of money to get that hair from our legs and arms and all other parts of the body. And very painful, consuming and expensive are the hair removal traditional methods like waxing, shaving, depilatories, and electrolysis.

With ever-increasing popularity over the last decade, laser hair treatment has been put to use as a cosmetic treatment. And for all areas of the body such as the face, chin arms and truly the rest of the body, it works very well. Across the entire world, it is put to use with minimal risk and great results by plastic surgeons.

With just a snap of the fingers, unwanted hair and fine lines simply disappear with this treatment. You must be aware however that in the wrong hands, there can be harm done. Skin can be burned and scars left behind. This makes it so important you understand the process and what is involved before you commit your cash to the procedure.

Just How Does The Procedure For Laser Hair Removal Work?

A laser emitting heat energy is included in the laser hair removal treatment. Down the root of each hair strand, the light will penetrate damaging the follicle which will not for a long time and possibly never again can produce further hair.

On the skin surface, there is a minimum of disruption and the process is relatively safe. On people with light skin and dark hair, the procedure works best. On hair that is blond, light brown, light red, white or gray, the procedure will not work. For permanent hair removal and long-term benefits, several treatments may be required.

And because more quickly than the follicles our skin cools more quickly, it is not adversely affected. At the end of the treatment, creams are applied that cool the skin and help to minimize any risks.

Normally, within 15 minutes or so, treatments under the arms and on the face will be completed. Other body areas can take up to an hour or so to be completed.

Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

There can be some side effects to be considered with laser hair removal, even though the laser treatment procedure is usually risk-free. Get more information on the side effects here.

A lot of heat to burn the unwanted hair is used by the laser. In some users, this can lead to skin burns. Typically, those patients with darker skin are more susceptible since the laser is more readily absorbed by the darker pigments. The burns are mild in most cases when they have occurred, but severe burns have been reported in many cases.

Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation May Be Caused By The Laser.

a) After the laser hair removal, darkening of the skin that might occur is hyperpigmentation. Melanin production can be stimulated by the laser treatment causing a reaction that bears a reaction similar to suntan.

b) Contrary to this is hypopigmentation which after the laser treatment is the lightening of the skin. The melanin production, in this case, is inhibited by the absorption of laser light and this can lead to a loss of pigment.

Eye injuries can also be an issue making it so important during the process of laser treatment that they are well protected.

During and after laser hair removal, itching is a normal side effect.

After the treatment, there is likely to be some swelling around the follicle, and for a few days, the skin may turn red. Numbness, tingling and some pain is also common side effects considered to be normal.

On sensitive skin, a mild bruising may occur, and around the treated area, a scab may form. These can occur within the first few days and then shortly thereafter disappeared.

Purple coloring of the skin on tanned areas is another side effect, albeit a rare one.

Still, another can be an infection, making it a top priority keeping everything as clean as possible at all times.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Facts

A three-step procedure involving the area being cleaned, shaved and scanned is what laser hair removal involves. In the area to be treated, the laser energy is passed through the skin during scanning and then absorbed by the pigment which is in the hair follicle.

It is going to depend on the density and hair growth cycle requiring treatment as to the number of sessions and treatment involved. Typically, six to eight settings will be required of the person, with each setting permanently disabling about 20% of the hair follicle.

Hair color and skin type are the two factors the success of laser treatments depend on. From person to person, results will vary, but typically 40% to 80% of hair will be effectively reduced, and multiple treatments can lengthen the duration of the hair loss.

It is only on those actively growing hair follicles that laser hair removal is effective. And it typically takes two to three weeks after the hair removal session for the follicles to fall off.

Used In This Treatment Are The Following Types Of Laser

1) Ruby Laser

Not commonly used, it is for pale skin that this works best.

2) YAG Laser

Used to treat dark-skinned people, this is one most commonly put to use.

3) IPL

In the hair removing technique, this is the one most commonly put to use. For pale to medium type skin tone, this is the most effective.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Advantages

Getting rid of any unwanted hair growth is obviously the biggest advantage of hair removal. In many cases, the hair will be removed permanently. The most popular method of hair removal is still waxing, but laser treatment continues to grow more and more popular.

The most effective of all treatments is laser hair removal. People undergoing it have gotten great results, and in many instances, hair has been permanently removed.

User-friendly is the machines put to use for hair removal, Candela or Palomar, and they may be accessed by people of all age groups.

Laser hair removal is far less painful than electrolysis, threading, plucking, and waxing. An anesthetic cream can be used to counteract any prickling which may occur.

Fast and quick is the laser treatment procedure. Size of the area being treated will make the final determination how long it will take.

There are rarely any complications that come with laser hair removal, and any that occur are never permanent. Also, laser hair removal truly enhances the person’s attractiveness by the smooth skin which it gives them.

Laser Hair Removal Disadvantages

The cost associated with the treatment is the main disadvantage of laser hair removal. To get the full benefit of the treatment, six initial sessions are required. A session can cost between $250 to $350 and to make the treatment successful; you must complete the sessions.

Still another disadvantage is that only a specific type of person will get to see full results of the treatment. On dark skin, the treatment is not effective and 100% results are not always obtained by those who are pale toned.

Also, it is only on actively growing hair that the treatment is effective. New follicles are not prevented from growing, so the issue of re-growth is always a possibility.

Pre-Laser Treatment Precautions

For at least four to six weeks, the area to be treated should be protected from sun exposure and tanning. You should also avoid waxing, plucking or bleaching the area during this period.

You should get anti-viral therapy both before and after the treatment if you have any history of herpes in your past.

For 24 hours before the treatment, take no drugs that are photosensitive.

Three to eight days before treatment, you should not shave. And so the doctor can see the stubble growth, for further treatments avoid shaving for one to two weeks before receiving it.

Precautions For Post Laser Treatment

On the treated area, swelling and redness are possible, but these will not last longer than 2 to 3 hours. For two to four days, it is recommended you use a clear aloe vera gel.

If after 24 hours post-treatment the area feels warm to the touch, apply ice to reduce the swelling and tenderness.

Avoid any picking or scratching of the area treated.

For at least two days, avoid any heavy exercise. Also, try to avoid all external and internal heat caused by steam, hot ovens, hot tubs, saunas, etc.

Since the skin is still tender, do not wash it forcefully.

Apply a good UV-filtered sunscreen if you decide to take a walk. We strongly suggest Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70 as a great choice to get the job done.

Cost Of Laser Hair Removal

Various factors will determine the cost of the laser hair removal treatments including:

1) Area Being Treated

The final cost’s most important factor is the area that the patient wishes to be treated. Larger body areas will be more costly than smaller ones are.

2) How Many Sessions Are Involved

Patients must be aware at the start just how many sessions are going to be required to get the job done, so they can have a better idea just what the final costs will be.

3) Type Of Hair

The overall cost of the treatment will likely depend very much on the length, thickness, and density of the hair involved.

4) Standard Of The Clinic

Most clinics charge approximately $250 to $350 per session, but they do vary according to the services they provide and the level of luxury that they offer, making it important you understand everything before committing.

Many clinics are competitively priced as they are seeking to attract customers. The important thing to always keep in mind is that you want only to take the services of a doctor highly skilled in this area to avoid any negatives proceeding ahead.

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