Vancouverites- Why Cleaning your Carpet Can Protect Your Health

Carpet cleaning can tidy up and restore the appearance of your carpet, and help it last longer. However, the greatest benefits are the ones you can’t see.

The American Lung Association recommends vacuuming carpets around the home at least three times a week if members of your household suffer from conditions that affect their breathing such as asthma, sinus infections, allergic reactions or snoring. Their lives can be made more comfortable with thorough professional carpet cleaning at least once a year or more depending on the renovations done to your home in that timeframe such as painting or dry wall. It may also bring further benefits for a healthier home.

Carpet Cleaning Removes Trapped Pollutants And Kills Bacteria

Indoor air pollutants settle among the fibers of a carpet, from everyday dust and dirt to lead and smoke particles, pet hair, and dander, and allergens from cockroaches and other pests. As the carpet becomes dirty and more of these particles are disturbed by everyday carpet use, toxic airborne gasses can bond to them and lie deep in the carpet pile.

Professional carpet cleaning can remove trapped pollutants with high-powered vacuum suction. They use specialized shampoo formulas to kill bacteria that become trapped in the carpet.

Clear Dust Mite Infestations With Carpet Cleaning

Many householders are unaware their homes are infested by dust mites because they are microscopic creatures. They only become evident by people’s allergic reactions after inhaling particles of their feces and body fragments. These allergens settle deep in the carpet and are disturbed and released by walking on the carpet.

Dust mites thrive in humid conditions that are prevalent across Vancouver and the rest of BC during summer months.

Professional carpet cleaning services can use steam cleaning to kill the dust mites by exposing them to high temperatures.

Here’s an interesting video on how Refresh –, serving Surrey BC cleans their carpets professionally: 

Carpet Cleaning Helps Prevent Mold Growth

Mold and mildew growth in carpets is a risk, especially in humid areas, when dirt and moisture get tracked into a carpet. Everyone knows the problems that arise from tracking in all the mud from your dirty shoes in the wet Vancouver weather. Damp carpets should be dried immediately and vacuumed. Regular, thorough carpet cleaning by professionals with powerful drying tools can eliminate any moisture lying deep in the carpet. This helps to prevent mold growth that can release spores that are harmful if inhaled. Mold and mildew may be growing on a carpet that is clean to the eye, and if left for too long in high humidity conditions, such as that of the weather in Vancouver, the mold may become a visible stain.

Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects:

Laser treatment is widely regarded as a risk-free cosmetic procedure in medical realms, but this is not to say there are no side effects to watch out for. To put this into perspective, the laser removal process involves excessive heat intended at burning the hair you want to be removed. So much so, that some burns are likely to occur mainly in patients with dark skin – darker pigments tend to absorb the laser heat more readily. In most cases, the burns are mild and nothing to fret about, but there are cases where severe burns have occurred in patients undergoing laser hair removal.

Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation:

Before undergoing laser hair removal, it is paramount to keep in mind that there is a chance your skin changes due to either one of two known conditions – hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. The former refers to the darkening of the skin caused by stimulation of melanin production in the body that leads to a reaction more or less similar to suntan.

On the flipside, hypopigmentation refers to the opposite of the condition above. It describes lightening of the skin caused by inhibition of melanin production leading to a loss of pigment. In short, the continuous absorption of excessive laser light and heat can interfere with how melanin is produced in your skin.

The skin aside, laser hair removal may also affect other parts of your body if not careful. For starters, it is vital to protect your eyes during the procedure so as to avoid visible injuries. Secondly, you can almost always expect some itching after laser hair removal. The procedure usually leaves the skin red with some swelling around the follicle, even though for a few days following treatment.

The most common side effect is numbness, pain and tingling sensations around the treated area. This results from the formation of scab and crusting in parts where hair was removed. Moreover, mild bruising may also occur in those with sensitive skin. However, all these symptoms only last a few days following the laser hair removal procedure and will likely disappear shortly afterward.

In rare instances, the skin might turn purple on tanned areas. Some cases of infection have also been reported, and it is of paramount importance to always keep the treated area clean following laser hair removal.

Facts about Laser Hair Removal:

In a nutshell, laser hair removal treatment involves three major steps – cleaning, shaving, and scanning of the treatment area. The scanning procedure involves laser energy being passed through the treatment area to remove unwanted hair.

Some factors are placed for consideration before laser hair removal. For instance, the hair growth cycle and hair density will ultimately determine just how many sittings you need. In most cases, six to eight visits are enough with each sitting permanently disabling about 20% of the hair follicle.

However, how successful your laser treatment procedure is will depend on two main factors – your skin type and hair color. While results may vary from patient to patient, the treatment will effectively get rid of 40 to 80% of hair. The chances of hair growing back can’t be ruled out, and your safest bet lays in multiple treatment sessions to lengthen the duration of hair growth.

The procedure is only effective on active hair follicles and for optimal results to be achieved; the treatments are spaced apart so as to allow the follicles to grow again. In most cases, laser hair removal procedures are spaced from three to eight weeks depending on factors such as the growth cycle and total area to be scanned. In most cases, the arms and legs require more laser treatments compared to other parts of the body such as the face or neck. It is only after the comprehensive treatment that the follicles will fall off.

Types of Laser Technology Adopted in Treatment:

  • YAG Laser – this is a popular choice used mostly for patients with darker skin. It uses less laser heat in treatment.
  • IPL Laser – this is the most popular laser technology currently. It works best on medium to pale skin types.
  • Ruby Laser – this is the least used technology in the niche. It is useful for patients with very pale skin.

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“Contemporary” versus “Modern” Art Galleries in Vancouver

The expressions, “contemporary art” and “modern art” are often used interchangeably, much to the chagrin of art historians. In actuality, they represent two different time frames and artistic concepts. Here is a little primer from the experts at Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Contemporary Art has been defined as, “art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes,” that is, “contemporary” to us, starting from the 1970s onwards. The prior period, from around the 1860s leading up to 1970, when “postmodernism” arose, was that of Modern Art. The moniker, “Modern,” is indicative of the conceptual shift that occurred as the impressionist movement was coming to an end. Instead of building upon past artistic traditions and teachings of art academies, Modern artists broke free of these shackles and embraced the spirit of experimentation; they began to acknowledge their “inner visions” and express them in their art. Rather than focus on narratives, as tradition art had, inspiration came from abstraction, innovation, and asking what is, or makes up, “art.”

Édouard Manet and Ian Tan Galleries forewent the use of perspective and mimicry of real life and showcased the nature of his paintings as paint from a paint brush on a flat canvas. Notably, some art historians believe that it was Manet’s death in 1883 that truly started the clock on the Modern Art period. Picasso’s cubist works rendered nature into geometric solids. The Impressionists highlighted the light that reflects off objects, not so much the objects themselves. The list of movements is impressive; it stands at fifty-four. The include, in addition to Cubism and Impressionism, Realism, Romanticism, Fauvism, Expressionism, Futurism, Surrealism.

Around 1970, artists shifted focus to the underlying concept of artwork, akin to the adage that says the journey is more important than the destination. This is when Minimalism, Pop Art, Op Art, Performance Art, etc. become widespread. The artistic process was the true art, and in many instances, required viewer participation. If anything, the mark of contemporary art is the absence of a unifying principle or ideology; the desired outcome is a dialogue about contextual frameworks – cultural identity and nationality, for example. The world of contemporary art is eclectic and diverse and often tied to political and philosophical thought, like feminism and Marxism. Discourse can be the ultimate ideal, legitimizing criticism – even rejection – as a desired outcome of the artistic process.

If you look at what was happening in the world around 1970 – 1969 in particular, the shift makes sense. There was global disillusionment with the “institutions of Modernity,” the vestiges of the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, and the moon landing (and subsequent “space race” against the then U.S.S.R.). Whereas Modernism was focused on originality, Postmodernism in many instances became intentionally “impersonal.” In others, artists incorporated the concept of random chance. Work was produced with mechanical and relatively “unskilled” methods. Items of mass production became the subject matter. Existing images were appropriated, transposed, and juxtaposed.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Art was being democratized and made accessible; it was no longer esoteric or for the elite, as art is being made with media previously associated with the common people, like video. The masses are no longer being shunned; they are embraced. Graffiti has become a legitimate form of artistic expression. Bodies are painted. Words are no longer the conduit of artistic expression; they are now, literally – the letters, the font, the spacing – the art itself. Sometimes, the physical destruction of something that might have been considered art is the process and therefore, the actual art. Parodies of art are art. Pictures are being painted from photographs, specifically to end up looking exactly like a photograph. Arguably, there is no rhyme or reason in the definition of art, only the intention to make art or to help someone else make art with you.

To some, the distinction between Contemporary and Modern Art will always be, proverbially, ‘clear as mud.’ With the tie-in of Contemporary Art to social movements, frameworks, and philosophies, there is truly nothing out of bounds. We are already beginning to see the impact of social media and the Internet on art, and vice versa. Pop art has morphed into graphic, digital art, as new technologies are being continuously incorporated into the artistic process. It will be fascinating to see whether it is possible for the pendulum to swing back in the future, or if we have forever changed the definition of art not to include a meaningful, unifying theme of any sort.

Why You NEED Social Media Marketing

Social media has played a big role in the development of how people interact as well as improving business. Ideally, it offers a platform for companies to interact with their potential customers to build their network. About 97% of global companies today uses social media to improve their business according to Statista. Just like televised adverts, social media has the ability to reach a large number of people in a cost-effective way. This article will help you understand why integrating social media is important to your business.

Importance of social media in marketing

However, regardless of how much you use social media to improve your business, the quality of your product or service is what matters to get more customers. Therefore, the basic principle is to have a brand which customers trust even before you start advertising. In business, you should understand that social media helps you to build the trust of your brand at a personal level with your customers. It, therefore, helps your brand to have a good online reputation.

What impact does online reputation have?

An online reputation has a lot of effects with how most shoppers are purchasing items. Today, most people search online for a company to buy from depending on its reviews or comments from previous customers. Therefore, if your business has a good reputation from comments, reviews and ratings, there are high chances that you will sell more.

Using social media to drive traffic

With the number of social media users increasing, it’s evident that a lot of traffic is resulting from social media. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are among the social media sites used to advertise brands. With every post updated, tweet or any form of interaction e.g. commenting makes it possible for more people to know and understand about the brand advertised. Therefore if you have a trusted brand which sells itself, it becomes very easy to boost its sale using social media. Vancouver Social Media Marketing has become critical for any business striving to survive in this competitive marketplace.

Social media profiles can also play a role to expose a brand on sites such as Google. With the help of search engines, you can be able to create keywords which are common, and users are looking for to be able to expose your product.


The use of social media is very cheap and effective compared to other platforms which are used in advertising products. Ideally, most profiles are for free making it easy to set up an account to boost your brand. The only resource needed mostly is time. You need to create time to post, interact with potential consumers and link your posts to your website. Hence, you can reach a lot of people easily if you just invest your time.

However, you should be informed about the product or service you are advertising as you need to offer useful information to prospective consumers. Also, you need to respond to questions well making your readers get convinced that you know your brand well and that you are knowledgeable. This helps to create a good name for your company or the brand your advertising, says one of the top Vancouver Social Media Marketing Firms.

Social search engines algorithms

Technology has improved, and so has social media. With time, social media has developed their social search engines algorithms to tune their results when users search. One thing making these algorithms develop the ever increasing number of uses. For instance, Facebook has more than 1.5 billion searches a day making the company spend a lot of time trying to fine-tune their searches to improve users experience. Therefore, if you improve your online experience using social media accounts, it’s likely that users will be able to find your company or the content you wrote about a brand as they search in the data bases. Avoid being idle on social media!

Boosts sales

Today, one out of every ten online purchases originate from social media channels globally with experts believing that this number will continue growing in future. As consumers get to know about competitive brands in the market, purchasing is easy as online buying and delivery of products is possible. This has led to many consumers ending up buying a lot of products online after doing their researches or being referred by a friend. It is estimated that e-commerce will exceed $1 trillion mark by 2019 as social media marketing and purchasing is becoming more popular.

If you’ve not incorporated your business into social media, you should not waste more time because this is the right time. Since you will be able to reap a lot of benefits, it’s advisable you start doing social media marketing. If you don’t have any expertise, you can hire a technician or get help from business people who are using it already to do it yourself.

Reasons to Contact a Vancouver Car Accident Lawyer After a Crash

One thing is for sure, and that is we cannot evade an accident, and we never know when it will happen to us. When a person is involved in a car accident, he/she suffers some injuries and the vehicle too. When this happens, he/she should make or file a claim in which some compensation is supposed to be granted to him by an insurance firm. This compensation is meant to cover the medical bills if any injuries were sustained and for the property damaged which is the car. For this reason, an accident lawyer is crucial. However, there is no law that instructs you to hire an injury lawyer, but the following reasons make it vitals to do so.


Accident lawyers will fight and defend your claims and rights

After an accident has happened to you, you become a claimant immediately you file a claim. Always, the insurance firm of the person who caused the crash will try and find reasons to favor them in court so that they do not become responsible for compensating you. “If you hire an accident lawyer, he/she is very familiar with the processes involved and will make sure your claims go through and get that compensation. Also, all insurance companies have brilliant lawyers who need someone knowledgeable in that area to help you.” – said Natalia Rutledge a car accident law expert.

Gathers all possible evidence

After an accident, most probably the claimer will take the accident pictures the personal contacts of the accident cause and witnesses too. Sometimes when you file this claim, you may be required to seek a court order so as to have the accessibility of some vital evidence while the claim is at the litigation stage. Here is where an accident lawyer will come in to assist you to obtain that court order.


Ensures that you get a fair compensation

Most insurance companies are fond of settling accident claims before they reach the court, more so after a crash has immediately happened. In most cases, you find that the insurance is supposed to pay you more, but since the accident makes you a little bit confused, they will try to capitalize on that and make you agree their offer. But if an accident lawyer is hired, he/she will ensure that all those tricks used by the insurance company do not apply and that you finally get a fair compensation as it is supposed to be when the claim is taken to court.


He/she is well familiar with limitation statute

Most countries have a time limit if filing a personal accident claim. It is two or three years. Sometimes, there are accidents which have a short time to file claims. This means that all claims should be filed in that period, and it’s the accident lawyer who will assist in speeding up your case to be heard and a verdict reached.


It becomes cheaper

Taking an accident claim to court can sometimes be costly and time-consuming especially when you are a busy person. On the other hand, hiring an accident lawyer is cheap as they get their payment after you have earned the compensation. Normally, the payment is a small percentage of the salary received. Analyzing this, hiring the lawyer will save you precious time, and the chances are that with him fighting for your rights, you will get a higher compensation than if you would have stood by yourself.

Buying Appliances Wisely

If you live in Surrey and are in need of new appliances, you want to shop smart. You don’t want to buy the cheapest appliance out there; it is possible to get a high-quality product at a decent price if you do the research. One thing you can do is negotiate with the salesperson for a good price on the appliance. Some of Surrey’s top appliance retailer‘s might offer a discount if you pay in cash and some of the major stores might give you a fair price for a floor model. Here are other tips on buying appliances in Surrey.

Don’t Buy on Impulse

Another thing you should not do is buy appliances impulsively. You should write a list of the most important features you want in the appliance then compare different brands, prices, and retailers. Be on the lookout for special sales because you’re likely to find the exact thing you want without breaking the bank.

Seek Advice from Others

Before you buy an appliance in Surrey, it would be a good idea to get advice from others. Suppose you’re interested in a certain brand and model of electric stove. You’ve read mostly positive reviews, but you want an honest opinion of the appliance. Talk to those who bought it and ask for both positive and negative aspects of the appliance.

Know What You Need

It is also important that you know what your needs are before buying certain appliances. If you are a family of six, then you might need a two-door refrigerator along with a larger washer and dryer to accommodate their needs. If you are a person who hates to clean the oven manually, a self-cleaning oven might work for you.

Measure Your Space

You also want to measure the space where the appliances will be placed before making a purchase. This is because you don’t want to buy an appliance that is too big or small for the space in your space. Also, you don’t want to purchase an appliance that is almost impossible to get through the door or stairway.

Do You Want Energy Efficiency?

Since the bulk of your energy usage comes from appliances, it is a good idea to consider looking for appliances in Surrey that offer the best in this area. You want to look for models that have the Energy Star label but also research which brands are best known for energy efficiency. This saves you money on utility bills.

Style Matters Too

Who doesn’t want their appliances to look beautiful? When looking for appliances in Surrey, check out the different styles and see which ones best match the overall theme in a certain room. If you have a mid-century style kitchen, you might seek out a vintage-inspired stove and refrigerator. Or if you have a high-tech and futuristic laundry room, you can purchase a washer and dryer that fits this theme. Be sure to get your spouse’s input when choosing which styles to get.

Consider Repairs That Will Have to Be Made

When you buy appliances, it’s important to consider the reality of the necessity of repairs at some point. This is why you will want to ask the salesperson for the names and phone numbers of servicepersons who can repair your appliances. It takes the hassle out of finding someone to repair them.

Leave the Extended Warranty Alone

An extended warranty is a waste of money, and it is often not necessary. Not all appliances are likely to need constant repairs. Also, the extended warranty might not cover the kinds of repairs you need. Sometimes the company who sells the warranty goes out of business, and this means you won’t get the service you paid for. This is what Ben’s Appliances on Twitter told us. It’s important to leave it alone.


Sometimes haggling works when purchasing appliances. One of the best times to haggle with the seller is when he is anxious to get rid of the item. You will also need to research the average price of the product beforehand to ensure that you’re haggling for a fair price. You will have better success with haggling if there are flaws in certain appliances.

Know When to Save or Go Big

This is another helpful tip when buying appliances in Surrey. You should splurge on a high quality and stylish refrigerator since it is a vital appliance for the kitchen. You can spend less on a toaster since this is not one of the most important appliances. You should splurge on a good washer and dryer since you will use it on a regular basis and you want one that lasts years.

Don’t Forget the Coupons and Coupon Codes

Another smart way to shop for appliances is to use coupons and coupon codes. These can be used in addition to the store sales. Make sure that you look at them carefully to see if any restrictions apply to certain appliances that can be bought with the coupons. Also look at the expiration dates.

Consider Discontinued Models

Sometimes discontinued models of appliances are great for style and budget. Appliance outlet stores often have these at marked down prices. Online stores also sell discontinued models.

Understand Different Categories of Appliances

This is essential to purchasing the right appliances. For example, if you’re getting a new stove you should know the differences between gas and electric stoves. Gas stoves give great temperature while electric stoves have adjustable ranges and sometimes digital controls.

Buying the right appliances ensure that you will have them for a long time. Always check the warranty after buying your products because this comes in handy when you have to repair the appliances. Compare different retailers to see which ones offer the best deals. Get recommendations from friends and relatives. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions to the salesperson because it means you are an informed customer. Finally, enjoy your new appliances and show them off to guests! They just might be inspired to revamp their homes as a result.

Choosing A Port Coquitlam Accountant

This article was written with the assistance of the accountants at Ribeyre Chang Haylock You can check them out on twitter :  Ribeyre Chang Haylock on Twitter

Many people only think of accountants as people that they need to contact when it is nearly time for them to file their taxes. While this is a service that they provide, they can also help with many other issues. Some of the most common reasons for contacting an accountant are discussed below.

Tax Returns

One of the main reasons to contact an accountant is to get help filling in tax returns. All types of accountants can assist with this from those running their own business to those that work for large accountancy firms. If your tax return is not complicated, then you may be able to complete it yourself with the guidance that is provided with the forms.

Complex Tax Issues

If your tax issue is more complex, then you may want to get the assistance of an accountant. They will be able to advise you on any specific issues that relate to your tax return. Not all accountants are qualified to give you financial advice on things such as which investments to look into and so if you need advice like this then you may have to hire a separate financial advisor.

Business Accountants

If you run your own business, then an accountant can help you keep on top of your book-keeping. Depending on the nature of your business there may be specific records that you need to keep, and an accountant can make sure that this is being kept up to date.

When you are searching for a new accountant, then it can help to make a shortlist of all the firms that you are considering. When you have this shortlist in place you can narrow things down further by asking the following questions.

What Do They Specialise In?

If you have a specific area that you want help with you will need to make sure that the accountant offers this service. You may also want to check how much experience they have in this particular area.

Do They Offer Good Customer Service?

This is another important thing to take into consideration. You will want to be sure that you can get hold of your accountant whenever you need to speak to them. They should also be able to explain things to you in a way that is easy to understand.

What Are The Fees?

An accountant should be able to give you an estimate of what your work will cost. You will also want to find out if you have to make any payment up front or if the bill will be paid after the work has been completed.

Are They Registered?

You will need to make sure that your accountant is registered with the tax service if they are going to help you with your tax return. There is a list on the website of the tax service that gives you a list of registered accountants, so you will be able to find out whether the accountant you are considering hiring is on this list.

Are They Qualified?

Accountants that have all the necessary qualifications will usually be part of a professional body. If this is the case, then they should display their membership certificate on the wall of the office, but if you cannot see this then it will be possible to check online.

Home Healthcare for Seniors in Vancouver has many Benefits

Senior Citizens Prefer a Home Care Environment

Many people wonder about the relative merits of senior home care in Vancouver. It should be noted that one of the worst parts of the move to an institution for senior citizens is the move itself. Many senior citizens struggle when it comes to making that transition both physically and emotionally.

Almost all senior citizens are going to prefer to stay in their homes with visiting or live-in caregivers. If they have a lot of medical problems, then they might need to transfer to nursing homes. However, other than that, a home care environment might be the best choice.

Some adult children are going to be the primary caregivers to their aging parents. However, being a primary caregiver for an aging parent is going to be difficult for a lot of adult children. If they hire a professional caregiver to help them, then they are going to find it easier to fulfill all of their additional responsibilities. However, they are also going to be providing for their parents successfully.

The Popularity of Home Care

Older people, disabled people, chronically ill people, and individuals who are recovering from surgery are all going to receive elder care home health at some point or another. There are lots of different home care services that people can receive. These will include personal care services, like washing, shaving, dressing, and bathing. Cooking, house cleaning, picking up and administering medications, and a lot of other services are going to be just as important in the context of home health care.

There are lots of different ways to receive home health care. Some people can get the help of skilled volunteers. Other people can get government assistance and government aides. Some companies offer these sorts of services. Home health care is common today in a world where lots of countries have aging populations.

The Benefits of Home Health Care

People often feel as if they have more freedom with home health care compared to a nursing home or a hospital. It’s also so much easier to tailor the health care to the needs of the senior citizens themselves. It’s very difficult to successfully give people a lot of individual treatment in the context of in-patient care. In-patient care is going to be more utilitarian as a matter of course, just because the workers have to attend to so many different patients.

In-patient care is going to be more expensive in a lot of cases as well, contrary to popular belief. People are going to want to avoid institutionalizing their loved ones for the most part. Getting loved ones home health care is going to help to ward off that point in a lot of cases. This is going to make all the difference when it comes to preventing problems for a lot of complicated reasons.

Many people are going to find it easier to see their friends and family if they live at home. If they have to see them only during visiting hours, that is going to make everything much harder. The fact that home health care is going to be more conducive to offering people an active social life is one of the reasons why it tends to prevent depression.

People who have home health aides are going to have an easier time warding off depression in general. Assisted living facilities are going to be depressing environments as a matter of course. However, senior citizens who live alone are going to be unhappy anyway, especially if they once had lively households full of people at one point. Home health aides can help them stave off loneliness.

Getting senior home care in Vancouver can make all the difference regarding whether or not a parent or loved one can live out his or her later years in a relatively healthy way. Elder care can help people when it comes to making sure their loved ones are safe without having them institutionalized. Few people want to get their loved ones into an in-patient care facility. Fortunately, home health care is usually going to be a better option for all people involved.

Guide to Choosing a Property Manager

Investing in assets is one way in which one can expand their wealth and secure their financial future. However, it is one thing to own property and another to manage it effectively enough to ensure high returns. Asset management companies these days, help you keep a bead on all the latest marketing trends in real estate. These companies provide property managers who ably oversee all the details involved with your property. However, choosing the best company for property management leads to stress among most property owners. To reduce this stress below is a guide that every asset owner should cover with a prospective property manager in a mission to get the best manager to take care of your property.

♦Consider reputation

In doing your homework when aiming to choose the best property management company in Vancouver, research on the company’s reputation. You can do this by asking for recommendations from the firm and making an extra step to call these referees. Besides, when selecting among so many companies, you may prefer to check the company’s online reviews. These reviews can give you a picture of what other clients faced by engaging the organization of your choice. Also, research in Vancouver’s public records dealing with property management and research on the property manager you intend to hire. These reports should give you a clear understanding of the company based on their practices and consumer utility.

♦Cost/ fee

In selecting the best company in Vancouver to manage your property, you will also need to choose one that gives you excellent management rates. Management fees are between 5% and 12% of the rental income. Hence, be sure on what your manager’s fee is based on. Select a property manager who charges reasonably based on the scope of services offered and the quality of such services. Moreover, inquire if there are other hidden fees such as lease renewal fee, advertisement or cancellation fees to avoid a misunderstanding at the end of the period. However, remember that you get what you pay for. So, let the decision you make not be solely based on the fee charged.

♦Property inspections

When scanning for the best manager to handle your property in Vancouver, remember to ask if they offer regular check-ups to your property. Best property managers should allow regular inspection on your property which serves to detect problems early as well as deterring bad tenants behavior. Hence, ask how regular such inspections are performed, and how soon inspection reports should reach you. Check out Ascent Real Estate Management on Twitter to see how they do their property inspections.

Cancellation clause

For you to have a successful engagement with your property manager in Vancouver, remember to inquire about the cancellation clause. Such a provision may serve to help you or the property manager end the engagement before its expiration if not satisfied on the contract based on some terms and conditions. A good property manager should provide such a clause stipulating the costs involved should the engagement be terminated before time.

♦Account processes

Before engaging a professional property management company in Greater Vancouver BC, you need to check their payment and expenses tracking system. The company should pay you regularly. Most companies offer bi-monthly disbursements. Best managers should run a professional property management software, which can also be of great assistance and cost saving to you in preparing your accounts each year. Such software should also contain an online portal that makes it easier for tenants to access their series of payments for more open review.

Screening of tenants

The least thing you want is for a property manager just to hand out your keys to any tenant. To protect the investment you have made, seek to hire a property manager in Vancouver who takes tenant screening as a vital process. Criminal and personal background checks ensure you get the best person for your property. A stable financial status is also a crucial aspect to tenant screening. These issues should serve to screen the best tenant for your property. Hence, ask what system they have in place to avoid rental scams and what methods they use to screen tenants.

♦Reliability and communication

One of the main areas to check are methods of communication. A good property manager in Vancouver will keep you informed on developments at your property frequently. You do not wish to become aware of an issue or vacant property only by realizing that you are no longer receiving rent. To avoid this, ensure that you inquire the company’s communication consistency before engaging a property manager. Not only should the company communicate with you but also be available to your tenants on a 24-hour basis.

♦Number of properties

Not all property management companies take property to manage based on the current number of units they are in charge of. Some may be operating more units with lesser employees while others may be managing fewer units with more workforce. So, before choosing a company to engage, inquire on the number of units they are handling and the number of managers available to manage that property. You should go for an offer with a manager operating lesser units since this means they will have more than enough resources to deal with any issues that may arise. Remember that you need to get a company that specializes in your type of property so that you are ensured of the best results.

♦Landlord resources available

A professional property management company should maintain quality financial accounting software can save you costs in preparing your accounts. Not only that, the services are tax deductible themselves further reducing the actual cost of engaging a property manager. There are often significant cost savings in advertising for tenants as well. When added up, without even allowing for the enormous peace of mind and freedom from late night calls, a well-structured property manager in Vancouver pays off in direct cost savings.

Having the best results out of your investment property is what that matters most. Choosing the best property manager and asking yourself how to find one in Vancouver is the first step to take. Do your homework on your property manager’s choice based on the ideas above and hope for the best outcome out of your investment property.

4 Tips for Picking Outdoor Playgrounds

Everyone knows that allowing their child to play outside can play a major role in development, and outdoor playground equipment has a lot of benefits. Not only do kids learn mental and physical skills but they also learn how to communicate and interact with others better. When you master a piece of equipment, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment which can increase your self-esteem. While there is a wide selection of playground equipment in Vancouver, it is very imperative for you to choose carefully when you are creating an outdoor play area for your child.

Listed below are a few helpful tips that can make the process of selecting outdoor– playground equipment a whole lot easier.

Do an evaluation: First, you should take some time to inspect the area where you want to put the equipment and take note of the restrictions and size of the site. It is also important to take note of how many kids will be using the equipment the most and their ages. Sometimes some kids have special needs, so you also need to take that into consideration. You have to make sure that the playground equipment is appropriate for the right age. This can be hard when you have a lot of children that are different ages, but an outdoor playground equipment Vancouver expert can help you choose the most suitable one for the right age groups.

It is important to remember if you choose the right playground equipment supplier you will be able to get rid of certain parts of the equipment as the children get older and their needs change. Most of the time, you can add additional components to the existing structure, so all of the kid’s needs will be met, and so they will have some new skills to master. If you have any existing equipment, it is wise to do a close inspection so you can determine the durability and condition, and decide if you want to replace it or determine if you should add more pieces to it.

Budget wisely: With the fall of the economy some families have to keep a close eye on their finances but at the same time, having outdoor equipment should be considered a necessity instead of a luxury. Make sure you carefully determine your budget and contact suppliers in Vancouver to find out more information about installation costs, prices and any special discounts they may have. You can also rent equipment from certain suppliers in Vancouver which can save you more money. It is also a good idea to rent equipment from different suppliers like playground equipment for schools in Vancouver BC when you are replacing certain components so you can take care of the developmental needs of the growing child.

Figure out what you need: Once you have a budget and found a good supplier in Vancouver, you should consider the different pieces of playground equipment that you need. Getting expert advice from your supplier can come in handy, and it is important that they give you advice about components that are age appropriate that falls in your budget. They also should give advice about equipment that is suitable for the space that you have available. They should also make you aware of any danger areas in your area that needs to be considered, such as hard surfaces, low hanging branches, and sharp corners. It is a great idea to give the children a chance to look at equipment and for them to decide what they would like to have within the current structure for their age and budget.

Have a Piece of Mind: Make sure that the equipment is put in correctly and ask for a warranty. A warranty can help you if something should break, and will give you an alternative when it comes to replacements or repairs.