Six Practices to Save Money on Air Conditioning in Vancouver

Canada Furnace shows how electricity can literally stand on money

It’s every consumer’s objective to maximize utility while minimizing costs. This also applies to customers in Vancouver where everyone tries as much as possible to reduce expenses incurred at the month’s end while maximizing effectiveness. However, most people have to pay high utility bills that emerge from using air conditioners, especially during the summer. By following the tips below, you might be amazed by the little bill that arises from using your air conditioner in the next summer while maintaining more efficient service from your air conditioner.

1. Seal the vents

Have you checked your home to ensure there are no leaks or air circulation concerns? If not, inspect your house to make sure that it is as energy efficient as possible. This means looking for any areas where air may be leaking into or out of your house such as windows, doors, or cracks in the walls. If you come across ducts that allow cold air to leak out of the room or hot air come inside, use caulk to fill such gaps. An airway-free room makes it more energy efficient thereby enabling your air conditioner to work more efficiently.

2. Ensure your thermostat is on the right wall

Remember, the placing of your thermostat plays a significant role on the utility bill you spend on your electricity. Thus, placing your thermostat on the wrong wall could lead to higher bills than expected. Therefore, do not position it in areas that do not match the overall room temperature such as near windows or doors that tend to be too warm due to the temperature outside. Also, do not place them on your bathroom’s wall since bathroom temperatures may let it detect the wrong temperature due to the water temperature changes. Vancouver Air Conditioning Installation – Central A/C believes that the best place to set your thermostat is on a wall in the interior most used room. Such an area may enhance its proper functioning hence avoiding high expenses.

3. Close the blinds

When you let the sun rays inside your house, heat is radiated. Therefore, to prevent the warming that comes in due to these rays, close your window blinds. This helps to avoid heating your thermostat unnecessarily. Also, closing blinds assist your unit not to work overtime on a mission to cool your room. Another option is the use of window films or window screens which reflect heat before it is transmitted through your glass window.

4. Make use of a fan

Make use of energy efficient fans in some areas to minimize the use of your air conditioner. The lesser your air conditioner runs, the longer it will last. In some cases, it may be justifiable to have energy efficient fans sitting around, or you may opt for overhead or ceiling fans. Sometimes, you can use the fans instead of the air conditioner especially on cooler days and at night. These serve as an excellent backup idea since they do not consume much energy. However, only make use of ceiling fan when there is someone at home and do not leave them on when leaving your premises.

5. Install a programmable thermostat

People believe that leaving your air conditioner at the same temperature when you’re gone can save you energy bills since it won’t have to work much to cool the temperatures when you are back. However, this is wrong. The best alternative is to get a programmable thermostat and have the best of both worlds – an air conditioner that is off when you are not there but one that turns on and cools before you come back. Remember, your air conditioner must be well maintained to operate at top efficiency. That means changing the filters regularly and having maintenance and repairs done by an air conditioner contractor.

6. Setting low is not always applicable

When at home, it is recommendable to set an indoor temperature of 24 degrees. When you are away or when you don’t need any cooling, you can raise the temperature of your thermostat. Following this trend can help save your air-conditioning bills since setting the highest temperature can contribute to saving amazingly.

If you follow the rules above, then you’re sure to have a healthy and safe cooling system while not having to incur high utility bills in Vancouver. Also, remember to ask for professional technicians in Vancouver to help in installing and maintaining your air conditioner.

Selecting A Good Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver

Most Vancouver lawyers who are certified in personal injury law will either defend against personal injury lawsuits or represent injured individuals, but typically not both. It will be in your best interest to hire a plaintiff’s lawyer if you have been injured.

You will need to create a list of personal injury lawyers, and you will need to do some screening to narrow down your potential candidates.

You should look at biographical information, Include the information that you find on the website for the personal injury lawyer or their law firm. Do they have the skills that you are looking for? Do they have any helpful information on their website?

A personal injury lawyer represents people who are injured, but they do not defend lawsuits in this area. You can tell what a personal injury lawyer or his or her firm represents by looking at their profile. If you can’t tell by their profile try calling a personal injury lawyers office and find out.

You should use search engines such as Bing to surf the internet. Can you find any frequently asked questions or articles or other information about the Vancouver personal injury lawyer, that will reassure you of their professionalism? You should check your references by using search engines and use keywords such as “trial lawyers” or “Personal Injury Lawyer Vancouver BC – ICBC Claims & Car Accidents

If you already have a Vancouver lawyer who practices in another area, it is good to ask them for references for a personal injury lawyer.


It is also good to ask other people if they have heard of the personal injury lawyers and what are their personal opinions about them. Visit your provincial law society website or contact them by phone to find out if the personal injury lawyer has a good reputation. Many of these successful lawyers, like Tim Louis & Company, will also run a Facebook page for ease of information

Look through the yellow pages for the phone numbers and advertisements. Does the personal injury attorney have an ad? If they do, do you find it interesting? Tasteful? Helpful?

Take a look at the online articles on your local newspaper’s website. Is there any information about the cases the Vancouver lawyer has handled or is there any publicity? It is normal to find information about the cases that a Vancouver lawyer has done if it was a large settlement personal injury case.

Before you choose a Vancouver personal lawyer, you should ask for their references. Checking their references can help you determine if they are trustworthy and if they have good lawyer skills. It is important to ask if it is alright to talk to a personal injury lawyer’s representative clients.

Conflicts of interest is another thing to take into consideration when you are trying to find a personal injury lawyer. Does the Vancouver personal injury lawyer represent any rival parties? For example, if you have to file for bankruptcy, does the Vancouver personal injury lawyer represent any of your creditors?

Make sure you ask for a copy of their brochure and promotional materials that they may have. Check this information against your other references and sources.

You should take into consideration any special needs you may have. For instance, can you benefit from a personal injury attorney who speaks another language besides English?

You should never get rid of a personal injury lawyer candidate just because they did not have time to meet with you on a short notice. High-quality personal injury lawyers are always busy, so they probably won’t have time to meet with prospective clients. You should also expect that whomever you hire may give a lot of the responsibility to his or her employees. You should be treated nicely and professionally by the personal injury lawyer and the staff.

If there are any special circumstances, you may want to hire a personal injury lawyer with a local office, or in the same location where your accident happened.

Best Things to Do for Free in Vancouver


The city of Vancouver is a wonderful and exciting place to visit. Part of what makes it so wonderful however is that it offers a variety of things to do what won’t cost you a dime! So take your time and discover what Vancouver has to offer that won’t break your wallet.

25 Things to Do in Vancouver

1) Take a trip out to Granville Island.

Formerly known as Industrial Island, Granville was once a very heavily industrialized area. As of now, however, it is a haven for the arts and an impressive tourist attraction that showcases the artistic nature of Vancouver.

2) Take some time to people-watch.

Sit on a park bench, relax in a soothing green field of grass, or just roam about taking in the scenery. Vancouver is a lovely place to just take a nice, relaxing walk and take note of the people.

3) Take a trip out to Stanley Park.

This park is the pride and joy of Vancouver, offering scenic views and a chance just to relax. Take a load off, bring a blanket and just enjoy the ambiance all around you.

4) Take an invigorating hike up the Grouse Grind.

Hiking enthusiasts will no doubt find this trek a joy. While the hike up is free, the gondola ride back down will cost around $10, so take this into account.

5) See if you can spot the celebs.

Many famous stars are noted for enjoying the wonders that Vancouver has to offer. If you spot them, it might be a nice thrill, but do be polite.

6) Don’t forget to visit the Christ Church Cathedral.

No matter what faith you are this impressive building is a stunning vision of aesthetical beauty that is hard to ignore. Just to stand in this place is impressive, and maybe a little humbling.

7) Grab your mountain bike and head to the North Shore.

You’ll find the best biking trails out at the North Shore, and will fully enjoy the chance to get down and dirty as you make your way along the winding path.

8) Enjoy a leisurely walk around Canada Place.

Take in the sight of cruise ships gliding by or take a hike along the Canadian Trail, what you do is entirely up to how you feel at that moment.

9) Treat yourself to the sight of Vancouver’s various art pieces.

Many art galleries will continually show the most cutting-edge pieces that challenge the mind and the heart. Take the time to just stroll about and see what there is to see.

10) Take note of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Staying here might cost an arm and a leg for some, but there is something to be said for its grandeur and the impressive architecture. Simply dropping by for a visit to say that you had a chance to see the “Grand Lady” will be an experience all its own.

11) Don’t forget to window-shop.

Vancouver is fully supplied with enough boutiques and shops to satisfy even the most hardcore shopper, so take your time and don’t rush.

12) Take a tour of the UBC.

Know anyone that’s about to head off to college? Take a look around the University of British Columbia; you might be very impressed with what it has to offer.

13) Visit the GMS Observatory for a chance to gaze at the stars.

While not completely free (donations are accepted for admission) the observatory is one of the best ways to gaze outward at the heavens and does offer public viewings on Friday and Saturday evenings.

14) Fire up the car and take a scenic drive.

There’s no charge to just get in the car and drive around. Take in the scenery, drive the highway and absorb the beauty all around you.

15)Visit Olympic Village.

One of the newer neighborhoods in Vancouver, Olympic Village housed a large number of athletes for the 2010 Olympics. Take a stroll around the site, grab a snack, and just take in the sensation of the area.

16) Don’t miss out on the Richmond Night Market.

It’s only free for those under 13 and those over 60, but the $2.75 charge for everyone else is worth it to experience the amazing Chinese food and culture that can be seen on display.

17) Go on and play a round of disc golf at Queen Elizabeth Park.

It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not, the fact that it’s fun and can be a group event is worth the effort. Even if disc golf isn’t your thing, you can always pick up a tennis racket and enjoy a few rounds at the nearby tennis courts.

18) Don’t forget about the Capilano Salmon Hatchery.

Even if you’re not that into fish, the sheer majesty of this place is enough to at least remind you of just how important nature is and what it means to keep things balanced.

19) Walk around Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park.

Just take a leisurely walk and enjoy the Chinese gardens that are on full display for your viewing pleasure.

20) Vancouver does have free museums.

If you want to learn without the exorbitant cost, then these experiences would be perfect for you.

21) Relax at Lonsdale Quay.

Sit, relax, and enjoy a calm moment from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

22) Take a stroll around Lynn Canyon.

Take a nice, relaxing hike and take note of the impressive views to be seen from the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

23) Head to the beach.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous head on over to Wreck Beach, Vancouver’s premier nude beach.

24) Sit and watch the ships go by at Dundarave Pier.

This is one of the absolute best spots to take in the entirety of the city and to just sit and relax.

25) Take a tour of the Olympic sites throughout Vancouver.

If you’re a future Olympian in the making or simply want to walk in their footsteps, it will no doubt be a pleasure to wander to locations such as the Olympic Cauldron and Vancouver Convention Center.


There is plenty to do in Vancouver when funds are low, as the city offers a plentiful amount of aesthetically-pleasing sites that can calm the mind and stimulate the imagination. You don’t need a full wallet to have fun, and Vancouver is eager to prove it.