Mortgage Brokers vs “Bank Specialists”

Once you have made the decision to get a mortgage, you might be unfamiliar the difference between a mortgage broker or bank specialists, and even less understand the benefits and drawbacks of using either over the other. While there are differences between the two, and even more, advantages and stark differentiations, making the selection may seem like an overwhelming task. But with the simplified explanation of the differences, advantages, and disadvantages, you can select the correct professional to help you with your financial needs based on the criteria that work best for you at Community Lending Centre’s website.

Bank Specialist

The bank specialist would be your representative that works at the local bank, credit union or other financial institution. In many cases, you will have to go to your local branch to speak with the banking specialist, with some banks have a mobile specialist that can come to you if that is not possible. All in all, a bank specialist is represented of a bank, whose primary purpose of operation is to issue savings and to check accounts to consumers, with their secondary mission being to increase offer other financial products such as certificates of deposits, creating and preserving 401(k) accounts and of course mortgages.


One of the significant benefits of a banking specialist, when you are getting a mortgage, is the convenience and ease it offers. First and foremost, if you already have a relationship with that bank, it is very easy for you to conduct your business in one central location. Also, along with your checking and savings statements, you can view your mortgage statement as well. Another advantage is the ability to build a relationship with the bank. Many people start with their bank that they have an account with one first look into a Q&A credit. And after the relationship is built, they are qualified to get even more extensive credit, thereby creating opportunities that would otherwise be difficult with other financial institutions.

Another benefit to using a banking specialist when applying for a mortgage is that the application process will require minimum paperwork and thereby be more simple. Since the banking institution already knows much of your financial information that will be needed for the mortgage application process, which will prevent delays in the application, approval and underwriting process as well as make the entire process much more easy for you to go through.


One of the most significant disadvantages to choosing a baking specialist is that their fees are typically much higher than other options. While you do have the ability to negotiate with the bank, it is not as if they present the best rate initially. “Banks do not like to negotiate if their clients are not represented by a mortgage broker. They know that most people will not bother to haggle any further.” said mortgage brokers –,  you can hire them to get a mortgage – The best way to deal with that is to get quotes elsewhere and bring those documents to the bank, but that requires much more work just to get a minor reduction in your rate. Another significant disadvantage is that’s the big specialist is dedicated to look out for the bank’s best interest, not yours. While it may be convincing and persuasive, it is not because they are driven by what works best for you, but what would make the most money for their financial institution they are employed by.

Mortgage Broker

On the other hand, a mortgage broker not only works specifically for you, but they specialize in home mortgages, in most cases not offering any other products except these. That means that not only do they know the ins and outs of all different type of mortgage products on the market, but they can also make specific recommendations based on your situation to identify the particular financial product that will best fit your needs.


The biggest advantage of having a mortgage broker is that they are working specifically for you. It is not the mortgage companies driving wishes to accumulate as much profit. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Mortgage companies entire direction of empowerment for their mortgage specialist is years towards serving the individual needs of each applicant. This eliminates the need for negotiating for better rate, as a mortgage broker will almost always come to you, with the lowest rate in multiple options to choose from. All while ensuring that their suggestions are best fitted for accomplishing your goals.

Also, since the mortgage broker can represent multiple lenders simultaneously, the approval offers that you will get will be derived from multiple lending institutions. That means instead of trying to meet the high standards of a banking institutions requirements for mortgage; you have lenders competing for your business by offering the best terms and lowest rates. Not only will this help you to save money, but this will also give you more options to choose from.


One of the biggest disadvantages to using a mortgage broker is that they do not have as prominent of a brand or corporation as a banking institution. Because the market is flooded with brokers who all have access to a pool of lenders, that can make it somewhat difficult to choose the best mortgage broker because the reputation may seem to be below that of a bank. As long as you connect your research on the broker and their company before making your selection, there are protections in place to ensure that you can feel confident when dealing with a mortgage broker.

Another disadvantage of having a worker broker will be that they offer the exact opposite of the advantages that bankers offer. First, you do not get the convenience of being able to view your statements all in one. Your banking account will be separate from your mortgage statement, as you will be using two separate institutions and have complete the separate accounts. Secondly, just because the bank can help you to qualify for other financial opportunities as you develop the relationship with them is not mean that that is a chance presented by mortgage brokers. Since mortgage brokers specifically deal with mortgages for a home, unless you’re about another property, is very rare that you will be able to build a relationship that will encompass the extension of other financial products.

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