How to Choose a Site for an Outdoor Wedding in British Columbia

Having a wedding outdoors can capture the beauty of the ceremony and adds some character. Whether it is a country club, a golf course with a particular view, or a certain section of the park, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of having a wedding outside. It is imperative for a bride and groom to check out different locations for the event, and should take into consideration the following information when it comes to choosing a location for an outdoor wedding.


The comfort of your guests and the climate should be something you take into consideration while finding a Vancouver wedding venue. If you are having your wedding during the hot summer months, you don’t want your guests or your food to be exposed to the heat. You should consider a wedding venue that offers shade such as trees or an area that is covered. Another suggestion is to put up a tent to create some shade. You can also ask the vendor if they supply big fans for cooling guests.

You should be cautious when you are choosing a wedding venue outside. Weather can be unpredictable especially in Vancouver so a covered area should be an option during the spring, fall, and winter. Prepare for a lot of wind also because it can affect decorations, table linens, and fancy dressed dinner tables.

It is important to have a back- up plan for the reception if the weather becomes bad. Choose a reception location for situations such as these.

Take a look at the aisle and see if it is ok for the wedding party and bride to walk down safely and check that the terrain is even.

Estimate the distance of the wedding guests in comparison with the groom and bride saying their vows. It is important to make sure you are close enough so everyone can hear the ceremony. If you aren’t close enough, use a microphone if you cannot use any media equipment.

Diamond Ballroom – a Vancouver event venue, says : “Pick a beautiful outdoor wedding venue for your wedding. Although you may like the surrounding area and the view, you shouldn’t do much to the area so you can keep its natural beauty. If that’s not the case and the area needs a little pizazz you should add flowers or decorations.”

If you are having an evening wedding, you should choose a wedding location that will have enough light. Choose a wedding venue with strong lights or lamps so your guests can move around the area safely. You should use candles for some table centerpieces.

You need to have a portable facility if there are no restrooms nearby. Some companies have a fashionable port-potties for fancy occasions.

Make sure you pick a wedding reception area that is not prone to insects or pests. Birds can sometimes be an issue in certain areas also, so you should ask the wedding venue coordinator about these concerns.

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