Why Today is the Right Day to Join a Gym

Doctors and other health professionals have been touting the benefits of exercise for decades, and yet the fitness level of the average Vancouverite is much lower than desirable. Living a longer, healthier life cannot be achieved by eating chocolate cake and riding the couch all day. Getting regular exercise is one of the best ways to ensure a better quality of life for years to come. Exercise not only can reverse the damage caused by obesity and lack of fitness but also prevent the onset of many age-related health issues.

Less than half of the American population undertakes the recommended 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week that is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. Finding excuses not to join a gym is easy, and yet millions of Americans want to get fitter and improve their overall health and participating in a gym is one of the ways to achieve that goal. There is only one right time to join a gym and that time is NOW!

Benefits of joining a gym are as follows:

Improving overall health – The list of benefits exercise can provide is huge. A balanced routine of strength training and aerobic exercise is not only good for the heart and lungs but builds muscle, promotes fat loss, strengthens core muscles which in turn helps maintain good posture, balance, and flexibility, and can improve a person’s overall sense of confidence, happiness, and wellbeing.

A gym is an excellent source of motivation and support. While many people enjoy exercising others are not so enthusiastic. Surrounding oneself with people who are all working towards improving their health and fitness can be motivating in itself. Knowing an individual is not alone in not wanting to exercise but knowing they need to can be comforting and encouraging, and make going to the gym less of a chore.

For those who find themselves dealing with high levels of stress exercising in a gym can prove to be extremely beneficial. Once a person begins exercising they are likely to feel their stress levels reduce, but more importantly exercise can ward off some of the detrimental effects stress can have on the body and mind. The gym can also provide a person with a place to go and ‘get away from it all’ for an hour or two a day, and make them better equipped to face any challenges that rise during their day.

Most gyms have professional fitness trainers available for people to consult regarding an effective exercise plan. Fitness trainers are educated in how to best help people to achieve their fitness goals and can steer a person in the right direction. A gym named Peak Synergy Coquitlam Gym demonstrated to us on how they can properly show gym members how to execute specific exercises the correct way so that maximum benefit can be gained without risk of injury, and also tailor an exercise routine to the member’s specific needs.

Buying home exercise equipment can be extremely expensive, but most gyms have a great variety of machines and exercise equipment that members can try out without having to invest a lot of money. After a time most members tend to gravitate towards two or three machines that they like to work out on regularly, but can also use a variety of machines to work out all muscle groups, something that isn’t always possible with home gym equipment unless a person invests in several different devices.

A gym provides an excellent learning environment, not only through the professional fitness trainers on staff but also from other gym members. If a member observes another member executing a particular exercise or routine and thinks it looks interesting they can talk to one of the fitness trainers about the value of doing the exercise or routine themselves and get assistance in the proper execution.

Gyms offer a great social atmosphere. Sweating together seems to provide many people with a common ground to inspire conversations that may even lead to new friendships. Over time members may find that they enjoy the company of certain other members and will arrange to work out at the same time as them and then have coffee afterward.

Many gyms have classes for the likes of Zumba and other aerobic exercises, and for those equipped with a pool, there may be aqua-aerobic classes. For members who don’t like to exercise alone and don’t know any other members a fitness class can be a good way to feel part of a group.

Gyms often run very good promotional offers, with the most notable times being right before and after the first of January. Many gyms offer discounts for yearly membership and discount rates when two people join. Gym memberships vary greatly in price based on the features they offer. For instance, a gym that is not equipped with a pool may have lower membership fees than one that does.

Some gyms only provide exercise equipment and don’t have professional fitness trainers available to give instruction and assistance without extra charge. A gym that offers membership on a month to month basis can cost as little as $10 a month, so it pays to shop around to find a membership fee and facility that fits the budget.

Joining a gym is a great way to ‘get in shape,’ so whether the goal is to lose weight, tone muscle, get stronger or just to feel healthier and fitter overall a gym is a great place to work out to achieve fitness goals. For those interested in training for a particular event, a gym with a personal fitness trainer is the way to go. Having realistic expectations and being prepared to work towards a goal is what members need to take to the gym with them. The staff will help them with the rest.

There is no better time to get fitter and healthier than right now. Before signing up for that gym membership, however, have a doctor conduct a thorough physical to rule out any risks of further harm to an existing injury. Even when health issues are present, a good doctor can recommend a level of exercise that will be safe. Letting gym staff know of those health problems will allow them to make recommendations based on your doctor’s advice. Don’t let another day of feeling less than ideal pass. Join a gym today and start down the road to longer life, good health and wellbeing.

Here’s a list of options around the Coquitlam, Vancouver, and Surrey area: