Buying Appliances Wisely

If you live in Surrey and are in need of new appliances, you want to shop smart. You don’t want to buy the cheapest appliance out there; it is possible to get a high-quality product at a decent price if you do the research. One thing you can do is negotiate with the salesperson for a good price on the appliance. Some of Surrey’s top appliance retailer‘s might offer a discount if you pay in cash and some of the major stores might give you a fair price for a floor model. Here are other tips on buying appliances in Surrey.

Don’t Buy on Impulse

Another thing you should not do is buy appliances impulsively. You should write a list of the most important features you want in the appliance then compare different brands, prices, and retailers. Be on the lookout for special sales because you’re likely to find the exact thing you want without breaking the bank.

Seek Advice from Others

Before you buy an appliance in Surrey, it would be a good idea to get advice from others. Suppose you’re interested in a certain brand and model of electric stove. You’ve read mostly positive reviews, but you want an honest opinion of the appliance. Talk to those who bought it and ask for both positive and negative aspects of the appliance.

Know What You Need

It is also important that you know what your needs are before buying certain appliances. If you are a family of six, then you might need a two-door refrigerator along with a larger washer and dryer to accommodate their needs. If you are a person who hates to clean the oven manually, a self-cleaning oven might work for you.

Measure Your Space

You also want to measure the space where the appliances will be placed before making a purchase. This is because you don’t want to buy an appliance that is too big or small for the space in your space. Also, you don’t want to purchase an appliance that is almost impossible to get through the door or stairway.

Do You Want Energy Efficiency?

Since the bulk of your energy usage comes from appliances, it is a good idea to consider looking for appliances in Surrey that offer the best in this area. You want to look for models that have the Energy Star label but also research which brands are best known for energy efficiency. This saves you money on utility bills.

Style Matters Too

Who doesn’t want their appliances to look beautiful? When looking for appliances in Surrey, check out the different styles and see which ones best match the overall theme in a certain room. If you have a mid-century style kitchen, you might seek out a vintage-inspired stove and refrigerator. Or if you have a high-tech and futuristic laundry room, you can purchase a washer and dryer that fits this theme. Be sure to get your spouse’s input when choosing which styles to get.

Consider Repairs That Will Have to Be Made

When you buy appliances, it’s important to consider the reality of the necessity of repairs at some point. This is why you will want to ask the salesperson for the names and phone numbers of servicepersons who can repair your appliances. It takes the hassle out of finding someone to repair them.

Leave the Extended Warranty Alone

An extended warranty is a waste of money, and it is often not necessary. Not all appliances are likely to need constant repairs. Also, the extended warranty might not cover the kinds of repairs you need. Sometimes the company who sells the warranty goes out of business, and this means you won’t get the service you paid for. This is what Ben’s Appliances on Twitter told us. It’s important to leave it alone.


Sometimes haggling works when purchasing appliances. One of the best times to haggle with the seller is when he is anxious to get rid of the item. You will also need to research the average price of the product beforehand to ensure that you’re haggling for a fair price. You will have better success with haggling if there are flaws in certain appliances.

Know When to Save or Go Big

This is another helpful tip when buying appliances in Surrey. You should splurge on a high quality and stylish refrigerator since it is a vital appliance for the kitchen. You can spend less on a toaster since this is not one of the most important appliances. You should splurge on a good washer and dryer since you will use it on a regular basis and you want one that lasts years.

Don’t Forget the Coupons and Coupon Codes

Another smart way to shop for appliances is to use coupons and coupon codes. These can be used in addition to the store sales. Make sure that you look at them carefully to see if any restrictions apply to certain appliances that can be bought with the coupons. Also look at the expiration dates.

Consider Discontinued Models

Sometimes discontinued models of appliances are great for style and budget. Appliance outlet stores often have these at marked down prices. Online stores also sell discontinued models.

Understand Different Categories of Appliances

This is essential to purchasing the right appliances. For example, if you’re getting a new stove you should know the differences between gas and electric stoves. Gas stoves give great temperature while electric stoves have adjustable ranges and sometimes digital controls.

Buying the right appliances ensure that you will have them for a long time. Always check the warranty after buying your products because this comes in handy when you have to repair the appliances. Compare different retailers to see which ones offer the best deals. Get recommendations from friends and relatives. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions to the salesperson because it means you are an informed customer. Finally, enjoy your new appliances and show them off to guests! They just might be inspired to revamp their homes as a result.

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