Advantages & Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal by Pure Light Clinic Vancouver

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

As stated earlier, laser treatment works by disabling the hair follicles on your skin using excessive laser heat. This, therefore, means that treated areas will remain hair-free for longer periods compared to other removal techniques – its main advantage. In some cases, laser hair removal treatment can get rid of hair permanently, and while waxing remains a viable option in this regard, laser treatment is widely touted as the most reliable currently.

Another advantage pegged to the use of laser treatment is the user-friendly nature of the Candela and Palomar machines used for the treatment. They serve as the ideal for efficient removal of hair in all parts of the body, and the best part is, they are much less painful in comparison to threading, electrolysis, waxing and plucking techniques. Sure, you will experience a prickly sensation similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin, but that’s just as far as it goes.

Laser hair removal is fast and accurate. While the treatment duration ultimately boils down to the total area being scanned, it’s worth noting that the machines used to cover 9 x 9 mm at once. The speed and accuracy levels go way beyond what other techniques can achieve. The only downside perhaps is the swelling and redness symptoms experienced – they disappear after a few days.
It is the best hair removal procedure to enhance beauty in sensitive areas – close to the mouth and eyes. In a nutshell, it is the only form of hair removal treatment guaranteed to leave you with a beautiful, silky skin.

Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal:

As with all other products and services, laser hair removal has its downside. Topping the list of cons has to be the substantial costs pegged to accessing treatment. As earlier stated, you need at least six to eight sessions for the treatment to be efficient and because one sitting costs roughly $300, it can take a toll at some point if not well prepared financially.

Unfortunately, laser hair treatment works optimally in certain kinds of people only. For instance, blondes, red and grey-haired patients aren’t advised to go for laser as it won’t deliver 100% results regardless of the number of sittings.

Re-growth of hair is highly likely because it doesn’t prevent follicles from growing again. In short, it isn’t a permanent solution, even though it has happened in few, rare cases. It is only effective on actively growing hair and sometimes, will only work in parts with less dense hair.

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