10 Things Vancouver Patients Want From A Dental Office

No patient likes the idea to visit a dentist. As such, patients will note a lot of things that do not match their expectations. There are several expectations patients have towards their dentists and dental clinics. Have a look at them below and learn what patients look for when they come to visit your clinic.

It’s amazing how much a small Keurig machine can change the outlook of your patients.

10. Have a Keurig machine meant for patients too

Most dental hospitals have these machines. However, in several of these clinics, these devices are not meant for patients. However, did you know that most patients look forward to this? To most patients, this is a perfect treat to help calm their nervousness as they look forward to getting into the dental room. Richmond dentist drkaltio.com finds it astonishing how many people utilize the Keurig machine in their office. It has ended up being a staple of the waiting room.

9. Have in place some magazines in the waiting area

For a fact, no one likes an appointment with a dentist. Most patients go to dental clinics just because they can’t endure the pain anymore. Having this in mind, it is best to keep magazines in the waiting place, where your patients can have a look at stuff that makes them relieve their tension. Reading magazines helps most patients forget about their dental procedure for a while, making them more relaxed when coming into the dental room.

8. Be a dentist who keeps time

For sure, no one likes to wait in an office for hours after the time of appointment has elapsed. Not only do patients hate this, but as a dentist, you seem incompetent. It is crucial that you follow your time schedules seriously. If late in a particular place, the best thing you can do is call your patients earlier and inform them that you will be late. Such a measure makes patients look at you as a doctor who cares, and one they can trust.

A smile can change the atmosphere of your patients

7. Have friendly staff in the office

Did you know that how you customer’s care response has a lot to do with the mood of the patient during the entire visit? A staff member who is rude can ruin the visit of the patient, and not to mention, make the patient have a hatred to the whole facility. On the other hand, employees who are welcoming make the patient to always look at your clinic as the first alternative should the need to visit a dentist clinic arise. So, always in place friendly personnel in your front office and be sure to have satisfied patients always.

6. Be patient when dealing with your staff

At times you may get stressed and bring all the attitude to the team members. Also, you may have employees who annoy you by not meeting your expectations. Whatever your issue is, you should avoid bringing all the anger your staff. The way you treat your employees sends a message to patients about your character. So always try to remain patient with your team and handle all issues professionally.

5. Be friendly to your patients

As a dentist, it is no doubt that in one time you have had a bad attitude to your patient. Maybe a patient overreacted to a particular procedure, and you developed a negative attitude towards the patient. This is not right despite how annoying the patient can be. You need to know that it is your duty to understand all different behaviours and develop a friendly bedside manner.

4. Explain to your patients the procedure before you begin it

Most patients fear dental procedures because they look at it as a scary and painful process. However, this is what that is in their minds. By explaining to them the process and what they should expect, you will just be pleased to see how the patient becomes relaxed. So, understand that they may not have faced a dental practitioner before and ease their tension by explaining to them what to expect and when.

3. Avoid looking at your profession as one to make money

Though this does not apply to all dentists, you may be tempted to make extra money from patients, which isn’t right. Why recommend medication that you know will change nothing, or schedule appointments that are not necessary? It is necessary that you look at your profession as that to assist your patients and avoid getting them to spend more than the necessary amount.

Plan and follow up with all your patients.

2. Follow up on your patients

Nothing makes patients feel appreciated that having a doctor who minds about their recovery. Do not forsake a patient who had an awful experience in your office. Call the address of the patients you attend to and ask about their recovery. Such a measure enhances the trust patients have towards you while making them feel free to contact you in the case of any problem.

1. Confidence is the key

This is the most crucial among all the points mentioned above. You need to prove to the patients that you know what you are doing as this is the only way to make them relax. No patient would want his/her teeth handled by people who do not know what they are doing. After all, what is the point of coming to a dental clinic? So stay confident and if you feel that you can’t handle a particular procedure, refer the patient to a dentist who can do it.

I now believe that you have an idea of what every patient expects from you. No patient will want to have a repeat of a dental procedure in a clinic that does not fulfil the above requirements. So, if you want to retain your patients, take all of the points stated above into consideration and ensure that you follow them.

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