Consider Delaying Replacement of Your Furnace Until Spring in Vancouver

When your furnace fails, it may seem like the obvious solution is to go ahead and fork over a large amount of money to have it replaced immediately. Certainly, if the furnace “dies” right in the middle of the winter in Vancouver, it can be very inconvenient. It is quite possible that delaying furnace installation is actually the better option, but that decision largely depends on a few factors.

Delaying May Have Advantages

If there is any possibility of delaying until the weather warms up a little in early spring there are distinct advantages that many don’t immediately consider, particularly if they are trying to deal with a cold house. The cost difference between installing a new furnace in early spring compared to in the middle of winter, are significant.

One reason for this, says Burke Mountain Plumbing, is that Vancouver HVAC companies are dealing with high numbers of call outs and therefore their employees are in high demand and will often be called upon to work overtime to service all the calls. Another advantage of waiting is that prices usually drop after the demand during winter drops in the spring so not only can you buy the furnace itself at a lower price but you can also get it installed for less during warmer months.

How to Cope While Waiting for Warmer Weather

You can’t arbitrarily decide to delay installation of a new furnace until spring without having a backup plan for keeping warm in the meantime. Space heaters are the usual solution to alternative methods of keeping warm, but you need to consider whether you want to be dragging it from room to room. At the very least you will need an extension cord that has the correct load-bearing capacity.

Other things such as the possibility that your pipes may be subject to freezing and bursting need to be taken into consideration and proper preventative measures taken. This may mean shutting off the water and finding somewhere else to stay for a night or two if temperatures drop really low.

Alternative Furnace Systems

Now that you are facing replacing your furnace it is a good time to consider what type of furnace you want to install. For those who are environmentally conscious, this may be the perfect time to consider a “green” alternative to the standard furnace that just failed. While the cost of a “green” furnace is typically higher than that of a standard, there are advantages beyond just doing your part to help protect the planet.

A gas furnace (95 or higher Annual Fuel Usage Efficiency Rating) may run you anywhere between $2k and $4k more, with an air-source system (heat pump) costing as much as $3k to $6k more. For those who want to truly go the way of state-of-the-art renewable heating systems such as photovoltaic energy systems and geothermal heat pumps could be looking at paying as much as between $10k and $20k more than for a standard furnace.

While some of these systems do offer tax breaks, they are not significant enough to prevent the added cost of one of these compared to the cost of a standard furnace. All that being said, however, waiting until the weather warms up to install your new energy efficient furnace, get the tax credits and reap the benefit of lower utility bills, recouping the outlay can be done within a few years instead of the usual 10 to 20 years. The demand for these new “green” alternative heating methods is steadily growing in Vancouver.

Hire a Professional HVAC Contractor

While deciding to delay the replacement of your current, failing furnace may be daunting and facing the last few weeks of winter without a furnace a test of your stamina, it is very rare that this decision is made without first having a professional assess the state of your furnace. If they agree that it is past the point of repair and that replacement is the only option he or she can then advise you regarding how well your home will withstand the remaining weeks of winter without the supply of heat normally provided by the furnace.

Being honest with your Vancouver HVAC contractor is wise. Explain to them that you want to wait until the weather warms up so you can take advantage of lower costs. This is also a good time to ask him or her about the furnace systems you are considering and get a recommendation from them based on your particular heating needs. He or she may be able to recommend someone to install your new system or may be able to do the work for you themselves.

Small Business Success For Local Vancouver Restaurants

Small Business Saturday activities and events  in Vancouver are a must for retail and eatery establishments. This is an excellent way to counteract the popularity of larger organizations and the craze that surrounds them during events like lack Friday. With your eatery or bar taking advantage of these ‘shop local’ events, it will be sure to thrive.

1. Attract and retain new customers

People flood the streets on Small Business Saturdays, and all that shopping will generate thirst and hunger. You want to make sure your business is there to satiate their needs. American Express, who started the Small Business Saturday campaign, polled shoppers and found that 59% plan to eat locally while shopping.

To grab their attention, use a witty slogan in your window or even on social media. Be sure to advertise any special offers such as getting discounts for using their American Express card. You also want to make sure they know about any special or unique items on your menu.

There are many ways to attach your social media pages to the events, such as using the Shop Small logo on your page. Other great tips from the National Restaurant Association include limited time specials that can be cashed in at a later date or offering discounts for using a certain hashtag in their posts.

Although American Express offers free promotional materials for Vancouver businesses, you want to keep an eye on your costs and be sure to include supplies, staffing and discounts. It is not going to beneficial if you put more out that you can generate so be sure to stick to your budget. Knowing the numbers can also help you to plan for the next event to generate more successful promotions.

Once the customer arrives to take part in your promotion, then you can promote your loyalty program. You grabbed their attention, and now you want to retain them. #1 advice is to make sure that these customers want to return and that your name stays in the front of their mind.

2. Use Promotional Tools

There is never a shortage of tools to use for promotions of Small Business Saturdays. Most are free, and there is a large variety to choose from including welcome mats, marketing materials, signage and email templates. It only takes a few minutes to look them over and select what you want, and the returns will be great.

American Express extends a $10 incentive to their cardholders so you can offer an additional deal to promote yourself. You can simply take $5 off of your gift certificates and then advertise a $15 discount to the customers. The sweeter the deal, the more attention you will get. It will not only entice the customers to come to you but puts a good taste in their mouth to remember you by later.

Be sure to analyse the feedback and collect data both during and after the event, It is helpful to know what promotions worked and what type of customers you brought in with them. Once you have this and all the customer comments and staff reports, you will see the bigger picture of your success.

3. Team up with your neighbours

Remember that you are surrounded by other small business and entrepreneurs, and this is a great advantage. Companies that work together grow together. Learn about those in your community to discover who you might be able to team up with.

Neighborhood Circles is a new tool this year from American Express. You can browse the site and learn who in the area are participating in Small Business Saturday. You are also given the opportunity to start your Circle and invite your neighbours to work alongside you. This tool is expected to be a good starting point for helping local businesses to develop string support networks.

To help foster good working relationships, another good idea is to give a little something back. Invite local business owners and staff to come to your eatery or bar to unwind after the busy Saturday crazy is over. You can extend a special ‘industry night’ with a new menu or drink specials. The gesture will be appreciated and will be remembered for future events. Make sure that you advertise any special for the community on the Neighborhood Circle, so the team knows in advance.

4. Get staff involved

Knowledge about Small Business Saturday for Vancouver businesses is already well established, and advertising is already at powerful levels. You should still extend this by promoting it daily within and around your place. Especially around holiday seasons, be sure to get your name out there, so the extra holiday cash is spent on your food and drink.
You want to make sure that your staff is prepared and excited. Their enthusiasm will go a long way with customers. Allow them to be involved in the promotions and planning because this creates a well-bonded team. You can even get them involved with competitions where they get to name a special meal or drink for the event. You want them to feel comfortable to share their ideas about music, decorations and sign and social media promotions.

Your staff will be out there interacting with the customers, directly selling the promotions and offers. Local Vancouver Restaurant Kingfishers Bar & Grill gives advice to “have them be proactive about selling gift cards or certificates especially during the lead up to holiday seasons. Not only do you make a new sale, but you bring people back. Keep track of the patrons that return, especially if it becomes a regular occurrence. The best business and advertising come from repeat customers and their word of mouth.”

5. Extend into December

Experian predicts an 11% increase in Vancouver holiday spending this year, so continue to use your promotional tactics well into the holiday season. Offer gift cards and other holiday ideas with posters around your location as well as having your staff mention it to each customer. More gift cards mean more new customer will come to eat with you, and you can keep great sales momentum through the busy holiday.

The additional sales and new customers are a valuable payoff for all your promotional efforts. Be sure to track the new customers as well as the ones that return. You can use management software and point-of-sale systems to keep record of this and analyse later what was successful.

Knowing what works means you can employ the same strategies next year allowing profits to reach higher levels every holiday season.

10 Things Vancouver Patients Want From A Dental Office

No patient likes the idea to visit a dentist. As such, patients will note a lot of things that do not match their expectations. There are several expectations patients have towards their dentists and dental clinics. Have a look at them below and learn what patients look for when they come to visit your clinic.

It’s amazing how much a small Keurig machine can change the outlook of your patients.

10. Have a Keurig machine meant for patients too

Most dental hospitals have these machines. However, in several of these clinics, these devices are not meant for patients. However, did you know that most patients look forward to this? To most patients, this is a perfect treat to help calm their nervousness as they look forward to getting into the dental room. Richmond dentist finds it astonishing how many people utilize the Keurig machine in their office. It has ended up being a staple of the waiting room.

9. Have in place some magazines in the waiting area

For a fact, no one likes an appointment with a dentist. Most patients go to dental clinics just because they can’t endure the pain anymore. Having this in mind, it is best to keep magazines in the waiting place, where your patients can have a look at stuff that makes them relieve their tension. Reading magazines helps most patients forget about their dental procedure for a while, making them more relaxed when coming into the dental room.

8. Be a dentist who keeps time

For sure, no one likes to wait in an office for hours after the time of appointment has elapsed. Not only do patients hate this, but as a dentist, you seem incompetent. It is crucial that you follow your time schedules seriously. If late in a particular place, the best thing you can do is call your patients earlier and inform them that you will be late. Such a measure makes patients look at you as a doctor who cares, and one they can trust.

A smile can change the atmosphere of your patients

7. Have friendly staff in the office

Did you know that how you customer’s care response has a lot to do with the mood of the patient during the entire visit? A staff member who is rude can ruin the visit of the patient, and not to mention, make the patient have a hatred to the whole facility. On the other hand, employees who are welcoming make the patient to always look at your clinic as the first alternative should the need to visit a dentist clinic arise. So, always in place friendly personnel in your front office and be sure to have satisfied patients always.

6. Be patient when dealing with your staff

At times you may get stressed and bring all the attitude to the team members. Also, you may have employees who annoy you by not meeting your expectations. Whatever your issue is, you should avoid bringing all the anger your staff. The way you treat your employees sends a message to patients about your character. So always try to remain patient with your team and handle all issues professionally.

5. Be friendly to your patients

As a dentist, it is no doubt that in one time you have had a bad attitude to your patient. Maybe a patient overreacted to a particular procedure, and you developed a negative attitude towards the patient. This is not right despite how annoying the patient can be. You need to know that it is your duty to understand all different behaviours and develop a friendly bedside manner.

4. Explain to your patients the procedure before you begin it

Most patients fear dental procedures because they look at it as a scary and painful process. However, this is what that is in their minds. By explaining to them the process and what they should expect, you will just be pleased to see how the patient becomes relaxed. So, understand that they may not have faced a dental practitioner before and ease their tension by explaining to them what to expect and when.

3. Avoid looking at your profession as one to make money

Though this does not apply to all dentists, you may be tempted to make extra money from patients, which isn’t right. Why recommend medication that you know will change nothing, or schedule appointments that are not necessary? It is necessary that you look at your profession as that to assist your patients and avoid getting them to spend more than the necessary amount.

Plan and follow up with all your patients.

2. Follow up on your patients

Nothing makes patients feel appreciated that having a doctor who minds about their recovery. Do not forsake a patient who had an awful experience in your office. Call the address of the patients you attend to and ask about their recovery. Such a measure enhances the trust patients have towards you while making them feel free to contact you in the case of any problem.

1. Confidence is the key

This is the most crucial among all the points mentioned above. You need to prove to the patients that you know what you are doing as this is the only way to make them relax. No patient would want his/her teeth handled by people who do not know what they are doing. After all, what is the point of coming to a dental clinic? So stay confident and if you feel that you can’t handle a particular procedure, refer the patient to a dentist who can do it.

I now believe that you have an idea of what every patient expects from you. No patient will want to have a repeat of a dental procedure in a clinic that does not fulfil the above requirements. So, if you want to retain your patients, take all of the points stated above into consideration and ensure that you follow them.

Why the Bathroom and Kitchen are Vital in Vancouver Home Renovations

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your entire house looks great. However, while the living room and other parts of the house are essential, you should note that the two most important rooms are the bathrooms and kitchen for obvious reasons. Apart from the fact that most of the family time will evolve around these rooms, they require unique décor and design to look exquisite. They also need to be maintained and remodelled more regularly than other parts of the house. As a matter of fact, a house is never complete without a kitchen and a bathroom. Now goes the question, why are the bathroom and kitchen vital for home renovations? Well, Caliber West home renovations will offer us some great answers in the article below.

Apart from obvious reasons that you need to “poop” now and then, freshen up with a cold or warm bath, use the powder room and also cook homemade meals and have a nice family dinner, let us take a look at a few more reasons.

A well-designed kitchen will dramatically increase the value of your home and so will a sparkling master bath with a soothing ambience. These two rooms will determine whether or not you will be comfortable in your entire house, which is why you need to choose your design carefully. This is why the bathroom and kitchen are an important part of home renovations. Once you get those two right, everything else is minor. If you are considering bathroom renovations in your home, you should pay close attention to details and ensure not to over design. For instance, an elegant mirror and countertop in a bathroom with floor-to-ceiling custom tile will count for over designing. This means you are simply overshadowing these beautiful features. The fantastic idea is to let one feature stand out while others gracefully complement it. On the other hand, in kitchen renovations, the most important thing to consider is the functionality. It is not the best idea to have the kitchen cramped up with appliances and fixtures. For both rooms, space management is, or accurate utilization will determine how they will look and function in the end.

Hygiene!!! These two rooms generate 95% of the garbage in every home. Hence, the plumbing fixtures, waste disposal, etc. If your home is lacking either of these rooms, you’re sure going to be dealing with a whole lot of waste channeled in the wrong direction, except you do your “business” outside of course. But that’s not cool, which is why a bathroom and kitchen are vital in renovations. “When somebody walks into a bathroom in a household, they want to see themselves sitting on the throne being able to have a hygienic, peaceful break. If your bathroom doesn’t give them that vibe, they won’t buy the house” says Caliber West bathroom renovations. If you have troubles with either of them, you may not need to spend on a brand new design; sometimes a remodelling is all you need. A lot of home owners plan proper shelf maintenance because they are planning the remodeling of their dreams, and sometimes do not adequately examine the cost of the entire project. Basically what you need is a functional space and remodeling or renovation depicts a transformation and not a complete replication. With all that being said, it is important to note that in as much as the kitchen and bathroom are vital; it means they should be functional all year round.
A Beautiful Kitchen Renovation
Modern Mixed With Classic

Value!!! The bathroom and kitchen are sometimes referred to in real estate as the “two hot spots” of the home. This is because this is the rooms most buyers will inspect and judge before they purchase a house. “As a home owner, you want to ensure that your “hot spots” are not only amiable and functional but will also raise the value of your home, peradventure you want to put in on the market someday.” utters Caliber West kitchen renovations. “Home renovations increase the value of your home while making you more comfortable at the same time. Although the kitchen and bathroom are interior spaces, they add the most value to every sale and such, need to look their best at all times.” However in renovations, remember not to overdo it, instead focus on making these rooms look fantastic without having to spend so much.

Finally, the kitchen is where most family bonding happens and where you’ll likely spend much of your time so ensure that it looks fantastic at all times. You cannot practically go a day without using either of the two rooms or spending at least a couple of minutes in them; Hence, the importance of the bathroom and kitchen in every home.

Vancouver Companies- If You’re Shipping Through The Port You Should Know The Different Types of Packaging Available

There are many types of PVC film for packaging. When shipping through the Port of Vancouver, it is important that you use the right type of packaging. Stephanie Lynn, an executive at Packaging Vancouver takes us on a quick look at some of the most popular films that are in existence.

Shrinking Film- When talking about this kind of film it means a plastic polymer material of the film. Normally, when heat is applied on the material it shrinks and consequently resulting to it wrapping around anything that covers it. Shrinking film and shrinking wrap have many uses, some of the common uses include wrapping, toys, food, gift baskets, boxes, books, soaps, etc. Shrink Wrap Vancouver will show us some of the most popularly used kinds of shrinking wrap and what applications they are relevant for.

PVC shrinking Films- These are classes of shrinking material that is used in many applications. When talking about PVC, you talking about the third most popular and produced plastic. It stands for polyvinyl chloride. This kind of shrinking wrap was the most commonly used kind of shrinking film before it was replaced by the shrinking wrap kind of polyolefin. The common uses of the PVC shrinking film include CD and DVD packaging, packaging computers that are wrapped with PVC, small canisters and importantly other non-edible property.

Disadvantages of PVC shrinking type of film

Many drawbacks are related to the use of PVC shrinking film. They include issues related to storage, the strength of fastening and fastening of by-products. Normally, the plasticiser in PVC shrinking wrap softens on hot conditions and hardens in cold conditions and ultimately compromising the fastening strength of the entire material. You need sufficient airing when doing the PVC shrinking wrap.

Polyolefin shrinking film-This is a shrinking warp that has taken the better part of the audience in has much as its features are concerned. The shrinking film is considered over the PVC one mostly because it can be used in packaging both edible and non-edible things. Other things that make it considered over PVC shrinking wrap include: when sealed it has fewer odor, storage that is more flexible and importantly strong in sealing. This kind of shrinking wrap do not have chlorine, and therefore it does not produce hydrogen chloride gas.

Uses of polyolefin shrinking film

This kind of shrinking wrap is used in almost every kind of application. The common applications include shipping sporting goods, printed wrap, toys, foods, cards and stationary.

Disadvantages of polyolefin shrinking film

The major drawbacks include Machine compatibility and cost. This type of material is expensive more than the PVC shrinking film. There are numerous kinds of this shrink wrap that are compatible with machines, but this has recently brought issues with packaging.

Cross-Linked Polyolefin shrinking film

This is a kind of shrinking film that involves application of irradiation. When irradiation is applied on it stronger and importantly be able to make a better seal. This kind of film is usually sterile and approved for direct food contact when shipping product. The cross-linked shrinking film promotes longer wire life, leaves less residue of sealers and importantly it is made up for use with high output operations and high-speed machines.

Common uses of Cross-linked polyolefin

Used in high output operation and importantly it can be used for heavier products. The standard type of polyolefin shrinking wrap normally does not do efficient fastening.

Disadvantages of cross-linked polyolefin

It requires very high seals and temperatures for shrinking more than the standard one. High temperatures can deform and damage products that are highly sensitive to heat. The cost incurred for stronger seals and temperatures is also very high.

Mortgage Brokers vs “Bank Specialists”

Once you have made the decision to get a mortgage, you might be unfamiliar the difference between a mortgage broker or bank specialists, and even less understand the benefits and drawbacks of using either over the other. While there are differences between the two, and even more, advantages and stark differentiations, making the selection may seem like an overwhelming task. But with the simplified explanation of the differences, advantages, and disadvantages, you can select the correct professional to help you with your financial needs based on the criteria that work best for you.

Bank Specialist

The bank specialist would be your representative that works at the local bank, credit union or other financial institution. In many cases, you will have to go to your local branch to speak with the banking specialist, with some banks have a mobile specialist that can come to you if that is not possible. All in all, a bank specialist is represented of a bank, whose primary purpose of operation is to issue savings and to check accounts to consumers, with their secondary mission being to increase offer other financial products such as certificates of deposits, creating and preserving 401(k) accounts and of course mortgages.


One of the significant benefits of a banking specialist, when you are getting a mortgage, is the convenience and ease it offers. First and foremost, if you already have a relationship with that bank, it is very easy for you to conduct your business in one central location. Also, along with your checking and savings statements, you can view your mortgage statement as well. Another advantage is the ability to build a relationship with the bank. Many people start with their bank that they have an account with one first look into a Q&A credit. And after the relationship is built, they are qualified to get even more extensive credit, thereby creating opportunities that would otherwise be difficult with other financial institutions.

Another benefit to using a banking specialist when applying for a mortgage is that the application process will require minimum paperwork and thereby be more simple. Since the banking institution already knows much of your financial information that will be needed for the mortgage application process, which will prevent delays in the application, approval and underwriting process as well as make the entire process much more easy for you to go through.


One of the most significant disadvantages to choosing a baking specialist is that their fees are typically much higher than other options. While you do have the ability to negotiate with the bank, it is not as if they present the best rate initially. “Banks do not like to negotiate if their clients are not represented by a mortgage broker. They know that most people will not bother to haggle any further.” said mortgage brokers –,  you can hire them to get a mortgage – The best way to deal with that is to get quotes elsewhere and bring those documents to the bank, but that requires much more work just to get a minor reduction in your rate. Another significant disadvantage is that’s the big specialist is dedicated to look out for the bank’s best interest, not yours. While it may be convincing and persuasive, it is not because they are driven by what works best for you, but what would make the most money for their financial institution they are employed by.

Mortgage Broker

On the other hand, a mortgage broker not only works specifically for you, but they specialize in home mortgages, in most cases not offering any other products except these. That means that not only do they know the ins and outs of all different type of mortgage products on the market, but they can also make specific recommendations based on your situation to identify the particular financial product that will best fit your needs.


The biggest advantage of having a mortgage broker is that they are working specifically for you. It is not the mortgage companies driving wishes to accumulate as much profit. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Mortgage companies entire direction of empowerment for their mortgage specialist is years towards serving the individual needs of each applicant. This eliminates the need for negotiating for better rate, as a mortgage broker will almost always come to you, with the lowest rate in multiple options to choose from. All while ensuring that their suggestions are best fitted for accomplishing your goals.

Also, since the mortgage broker can represent multiple lenders simultaneously, the approval offers that you will get will be derived from multiple lending institutions. That means instead of trying to meet the high standards of a banking institutions requirements for mortgage; you have lenders competing for your business by offering the best terms and lowest rates. Not only will this help you to save money, but this will also give you more options to choose from.


One of the biggest disadvantages to using a mortgage broker is that they do not have as prominent of a brand or corporation as a banking institution. Because the market is flooded with brokers who all have access to a pool of lenders, that can make it somewhat difficult to choose the best mortgage broker because the reputation may seem to be below that of a bank. As long as you connect your research on the broker and their company before making your selection, there are protections in place to ensure that you can feel confident when dealing with a mortgage broker.

Another disadvantage of having a worker broker will be that they offer the exact opposite of the advantages that bankers offer. First, you do not get the convenience of being able to view your statements all in one. Your banking account will be separate from your mortgage statement, as you will be using two separate institutions and have complete the separate accounts. Secondly, just because the bank can help you to qualify for other financial opportunities as you develop the relationship with them is not mean that that is a chance presented by mortgage brokers. Since mortgage brokers specifically deal with mortgages for a home, unless you’re about another property, is very rare that you will be able to build a relationship that will encompass the extension of other financial products.

A custom closet expert in the Lower Mainland reveals the factors to consider when designing a custom closet

Factors to consider when designing a custom closet

Have you ever thought of having an amazingly organized closet? Have you in one way or another dreamt of owning a closet like those seen in magazines? If yes, then this is the place to be. You need to understand a combination of many things before you get your closet organized. The first things you have to consider is the amount of stuff you have and how it can fit the closet you want and importantly the design of the closet you want and how it will make good of the space you have.

Additionally, it is possible to get yourself with a small closet that does not fit all your belongings. In the event of such a situation, you need to get yourself a customed closet so that you can put your stuff well. By the end of the day, you can significantly be amazed how closet companies custom you closet as a result of the quality and level of professional they have. You can get yourself with double the hanging space that you wanted mainly because of the way which the designing is done. Moreover, if you work with a good company with a guaranteed and professional work, then you are almost sure that you will get what you wanted. For that reason, in the following discussion, we are going to look at some ten major factors to consider when designing a custom closet.

1. What is the use of your closet and who is using it?

This is the first thing to consider since it will greatly determine the way in which your closet should be designed. Firstly, you need to understand if the closet wants to want to custom design by you alone, your family, guests who come over or everyone. Decide on the kind of things you will be putting in the closet; is clothes or any other thing. Determine if your closet is going to store air conditioners, decorations for holidays or suitcases. Decide in time where you are going to place your closet; is it in the spare room, children’s room or in your home office. Importantly decide the exact corner in which you will place the closet; is it in the kitchen pantry or one corner in your kitchen.

2. Do you do an occasional change of your clothes in the closet or you normally like them stuffed in one place?

This also determines the way in which designing of your closet should be done. A customized closet with clothes that are changed occasionally is totally different from that whose clothes are put in one place all the time.

Read More: Custom closet experts show off their amazing skills in organization and building of luxury closets.

3. Do you also keep shoes in your closet has clothes?

If that is the case it always important to specify if you like them when in shoe boxes or when in angled or flat shelves. Importantly, also specify if you would also like to store your purses in the closet.

4. Are you left handed or right handed?

This is also very significant since it determines the way in which you open and closes your closet. It also determines the way in which you will work at either your kitchen or office.

5. Do you consider folding your pants in a shelf or hanging them?

This is a very important thing to consider in as much the way in which you arrange your closet is concerned. When it comes to preference of the way in which you arrange your pants, also consider you tee-shirts at the same measures.

6. Where are your dirty clothes hamper placed?

This factor will determine the position in which your closet will be placed. The position your dirty clothes hamper should be different from where your custom closet is.

7. What are the heights of the closet users and the person putting the clothes away?

8. Will you prefer having dressers in your bedroom or you will rather have small drawers which will help you keep things like underwear, socks or workout gear. Ellen Lewis, a contractor at – Custom Closets, said that “measuring someones height before you make the closet is vital.” She also went further to say that “low hanging drawers are not ideal for tall people, such as high drawers are not ideal for shorter people. It’s all about your usage.

9. What is your area of profession regarding career?

Your career is vital is such a circumstance since it assists in knowing if you will need an area for formal gowns that are long and importantly if you wear uniforms or belt racks and tie racks.

10. What happens when impediments are in your closet?

The impediments include the door chimes, plugs, heat events and alarm system.

After everything is in place, you can now put your things organized in your customed closet.

Why Today is the Right Day to Join a Gym

Doctors and other health professionals have been touting the benefits of exercise for decades, and yet the fitness level of the average Vancouverite is much lower than desirable. Living a longer, healthier life cannot be achieved by eating chocolate cake and riding the couch all day. Getting regular exercise is one of the best ways to ensure a better quality of life for years to come. Exercise not only can reverse the damage caused by obesity and lack of fitness but also prevent the onset of many age-related health issues.

Less than half of the American population undertakes the recommended 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week that is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. Finding excuses not to join a gym is easy, and yet millions of Americans want to get fitter and improve their overall health and participating in a gym is one of the ways to achieve that goal. There is only one right time to join a gym and that time is NOW!

Benefits of joining a gym are as follows:

Improving overall health – The list of benefits exercise can provide is huge. A balanced routine of strength training and aerobic exercise is not only good for the heart and lungs but builds muscle, promotes fat loss, strengthens core muscles which in turn helps maintain good posture, balance, and flexibility, and can improve a person’s overall sense of confidence, happiness, and wellbeing.

A gym is an excellent source of motivation and support. While many people enjoy exercising others are not so enthusiastic. Surrounding oneself with people who are all working towards improving their health and fitness can be motivating in itself. Knowing an individual is not alone in not wanting to exercise but knowing they need to can be comforting and encouraging, and make going to the gym less of a chore.

For those who find themselves dealing with high levels of stress exercising in a gym can prove to be extremely beneficial. Once a person begins exercising they are likely to feel their stress levels reduce, but more importantly exercise can ward off some of the detrimental effects stress can have on the body and mind. The gym can also provide a person with a place to go and ‘get away from it all’ for an hour or two a day, and make them better equipped to face any challenges that rise during their day.

Most gyms have professional fitness trainers available for people to consult regarding an effective exercise plan. Fitness trainers are educated in how to best help people to achieve their fitness goals and can steer a person in the right direction. A gym named Peak Synergy Coquitlam Gym demonstrated to us on how they can properly show gym members how to execute specific exercises the correct way so that maximum benefit can be gained without risk of injury, and also tailor an exercise routine to the member’s specific needs.

Buying home exercise equipment can be extremely expensive, but most gyms have a great variety of machines and exercise equipment that members can try out without having to invest a lot of money. After a time most members tend to gravitate towards two or three machines that they like to work out on regularly, but can also use a variety of machines to work out all muscle groups, something that isn’t always possible with home gym equipment unless a person invests in several different devices.

A gym provides an excellent learning environment, not only through the professional fitness trainers on staff but also from other gym members. If a member observes another member executing a particular exercise or routine and thinks it looks interesting they can talk to one of the fitness trainers about the value of doing the exercise or routine themselves and get assistance in the proper execution.

Gyms offer a great social atmosphere. Sweating together seems to provide many people with a common ground to inspire conversations that may even lead to new friendships. Over time members may find that they enjoy the company of certain other members and will arrange to work out at the same time as them and then have coffee afterward.

Many gyms have classes for the likes of Zumba and other aerobic exercises, and for those equipped with a pool, there may be aqua-aerobic classes. For members who don’t like to exercise alone and don’t know any other members a fitness class can be a good way to feel part of a group.

Gyms often run very good promotional offers, with the most notable times being right before and after the first of January. Many gyms offer discounts for yearly membership and discount rates when two people join. Gym memberships vary greatly in price based on the features they offer. For instance, a gym that is not equipped with a pool may have lower membership fees than one that does.

Some gyms only provide exercise equipment and don’t have professional fitness trainers available to give instruction and assistance without extra charge. A gym that offers membership on a month to month basis can cost as little as $10 a month, so it pays to shop around to find a membership fee and facility that fits the budget.

Joining a gym is a great way to ‘get in shape,’ so whether the goal is to lose weight, tone muscle, get stronger or just to feel healthier and fitter overall a gym is a great place to work out to achieve fitness goals. For those interested in training for a particular event, a gym with a personal fitness trainer is the way to go. Having realistic expectations and being prepared to work towards a goal is what members need to take to the gym with them. The staff will help them with the rest.

There is no better time to get fitter and healthier than right now. Before signing up for that gym membership, however, have a doctor conduct a thorough physical to rule out any risks of further harm to an existing injury. Even when health issues are present, a good doctor can recommend a level of exercise that will be safe. Letting gym staff know of those health problems will allow them to make recommendations based on your doctor’s advice. Don’t let another day of feeling less than ideal pass. Join a gym today and start down the road to longer life, good health and wellbeing.

Here’s a list of options around the Coquitlam, Vancouver, and Surrey area:

Best Things to Do for Free in Vancouver


The city of Vancouver is a wonderful and exciting place to visit. Part of what makes it so wonderful however is that it offers a variety of things to do what won’t cost you a dime! So take your time and discover what Vancouver has to offer that won’t break your wallet.

25 Things to Do in Vancouver

1) Take a trip out to Granville Island.

Formerly known as Industrial Island, Granville was once a very heavily industrialized area. As of now, however, it is a haven for the arts and an impressive tourist attraction that showcases the artistic nature of Vancouver.

2) Take some time to people-watch.

Sit on a park bench, relax in a soothing green field of grass, or just roam about taking in the scenery. Vancouver is a lovely place to just take a nice, relaxing walk and take note of the people.

3) Take a trip out to Stanley Park.

This park is the pride and joy of Vancouver, offering scenic views and a chance just to relax. Take a load off, bring a blanket and just enjoy the ambiance all around you.

4) Take an invigorating hike up the Grouse Grind.

Hiking enthusiasts will no doubt find this trek a joy. While the hike up is free, the gondola ride back down will cost around $10, so take this into account.

5) See if you can spot the celebs.

Many famous stars are noted for enjoying the wonders that Vancouver has to offer. If you spot them, it might be a nice thrill, but do be polite.

6) Don’t forget to visit the Christ Church Cathedral.

No matter what faith you are this impressive building is a stunning vision of aesthetical beauty that is hard to ignore. Just to stand in this place is impressive, and maybe a little humbling.

7) Grab your mountain bike and head to the North Shore.

You’ll find the best biking trails out at the North Shore, and will fully enjoy the chance to get down and dirty as you make your way along the winding path.

8) Enjoy a leisurely walk around Canada Place.

Take in the sight of cruise ships gliding by or take a hike along the Canadian Trail, what you do is entirely up to how you feel at that moment.

9) Treat yourself to the sight of Vancouver’s various art pieces.

Many art galleries will continually show the most cutting-edge pieces that challenge the mind and the heart. Take the time to just stroll about and see what there is to see.

10) Take note of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Staying here might cost an arm and a leg for some, but there is something to be said for its grandeur and the impressive architecture. Simply dropping by for a visit to say that you had a chance to see the “Grand Lady” will be an experience all its own.

11) Don’t forget to window-shop.

Vancouver is fully supplied with enough boutiques and shops to satisfy even the most hardcore shopper, so take your time and don’t rush.

12) Take a tour of the UBC.

Know anyone that’s about to head off to college? Take a look around the University of British Columbia; you might be very impressed with what it has to offer.

13) Visit the GMS Observatory for a chance to gaze at the stars.

While not completely free (donations are accepted for admission) the observatory is one of the best ways to gaze outward at the heavens and does offer public viewings on Friday and Saturday evenings.

14) Fire up the car and take a scenic drive.

There’s no charge to just get in the car and drive around. Take in the scenery, drive the highway and absorb the beauty all around you.

15)Visit Olympic Village.

One of the newer neighborhoods in Vancouver, Olympic Village housed a large number of athletes for the 2010 Olympics. Take a stroll around the site, grab a snack, and just take in the sensation of the area.

16) Don’t miss out on the Richmond Night Market.

It’s only free for those under 13 and those over 60, but the $2.75 charge for everyone else is worth it to experience the amazing Chinese food and culture that can be seen on display.

17) Go on and play a round of disc golf at Queen Elizabeth Park.

It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not, the fact that it’s fun and can be a group event is worth the effort. Even if disc golf isn’t your thing, you can always pick up a tennis racket and enjoy a few rounds at the nearby tennis courts.

18) Don’t forget about the Capilano Salmon Hatchery.

Even if you’re not that into fish, the sheer majesty of this place is enough to at least remind you of just how important nature is and what it means to keep things balanced.

19) Walk around Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park.

Just take a leisurely walk and enjoy the Chinese gardens that are on full display for your viewing pleasure.

20) Vancouver does have free museums.

If you want to learn without the exorbitant cost, then these experiences would be perfect for you.

21) Relax at Lonsdale Quay.

Sit, relax, and enjoy a calm moment from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

22) Take a stroll around Lynn Canyon.

Take a nice, relaxing hike and take note of the impressive views to be seen from the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

23) Head to the beach.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous head on over to Wreck Beach, Vancouver’s premier nude beach.

24) Sit and watch the ships go by at Dundarave Pier.

This is one of the absolute best spots to take in the entirety of the city and to just sit and relax.

25) Take a tour of the Olympic sites throughout Vancouver.

If you’re a future Olympian in the making or simply want to walk in their footsteps, it will no doubt be a pleasure to wander to locations such as the Olympic Cauldron and Vancouver Convention Center.


There is plenty to do in Vancouver when funds are low, as the city offers a plentiful amount of aesthetically-pleasing sites that can calm the mind and stimulate the imagination. You don’t need a full wallet to have fun, and Vancouver is eager to prove it.