The Importance Of Professional Junk Removal Companies

Let me guess. When you initially thought of hiring the services of a junk removal company to assist you in getting rid of all that rubbish from a house spring renovation or cleaning project, you perhaps thought, “any disposal company will do as this is just rubbish.”

Finding A Junk Removal Company

However, many things that can go wrong if you hire an unethical or a new junk removal company. Their staff can cause damage to your property (think flattened turf, scratched tiles, pushed-in fences, etc.), leave a mess, overcharge you, or even dispose of your garbage in an illegal or environmentally unfriendly way (i.e., saving on disposal fees by dumping your junk in some remote site).

As with any home service company, you need to research thoroughly while searching for a suitable waste removal company, which is reputed for being ethical, efficient, and experienced.

Check the Online Reviews and Ratings

Seek the help of the internet for reviews by other homeowners of local junk removal companies. Sites such as Homestar will provide you with ratings and reviews for many companies located close to you.

You can also visit the Better Business Bureau site to search for complaints filed against these companies by their customers, and whether they were resolved. You might already know that a low BBB rating for a company signifies that you should avoid them.

Get All the Info from the Website and the Rep

Visit two to three of your favorite websites after this initial search, to find out the different services they offer along with their charges. You can depend on professional junk removal companies to be able to satisfy all of your needs, such as arranging up a timely pick-up schedule (you do not want that junk to remain for weeks).

In combination with donation and recycling services, they should further offer eco-friendly disposal services. Does this ensure that your junk does not end up filling up a landfill? Full service and professional junk removal company will put aside what is usable for recycling or donation after sifting through your trash.

You should also ensure that the company you plan to hire will remove all of your trash so that you do not have to stuff remaining junk in the bag and drag it to the curb. There is no point in hiring them if that’s not the case, and you might as well do the job on your own. A reputable and reliable junk removal company should take away all the things you are throwing out, apart from hazardous items. They ought to be able to take care of anything be it a single item like a washing machine or sofa to removing everything from your entire property.

Get Estimates And Compare

You ought to ask for quotes from different companies and tally them. When you call the representative of the company for an estimate, he should sound professional and knowledgeable, and hand you over a quote based approximately on the volume in cubic metres your junk consists of.

Companies typically calculate the final cost after the job is complete, considering the actual weight and amount. However, their initial estimate should clearly state what is included and what is not in their junk hauling and disposal services plus how they will calculate the extras if any.

A final tip: when searching for a reputable local junk removal company, check how far is the company located from your home or business. A major portion of the disposal services costs comes from the fuel for the removal trucks. If they are located close to you, you will have to pay less for the disposal charges.

How To Get Rid of Your Junk When Moving

Relocating can be both exciting and exhausting whether you sold your home or you just need to change apartments. In either circumstance, you will have to deal with things you don’t want to carry along as you move. In this post, we give you details about your several options that you can use to dispose of your unwanted junk.


Selling the junk items is one way you can use to get rid of the unwanted stuff when moving. There are various options that you can use to selloff your item. Below is a list of some of them.

• Estate sale

An estate sale is a full-service option that is carried out by a sale company at a portion of the revenue. If the items you want to get rid of are of value and a lot, you can contact an estate sale company who will take care of the entire process. Hence it is less labor intensive than other option.

• Garage sale

A garage sale is a good option when you want to try selling your item yourself. It involves advertising your item well for about a week before the actual day, and you will need to price each of your things for sale. This should help to reduce the amount of junk while moving.

• eBay

Selling your junk on eBay requires more time than other option. Once you have ample time, you can sell as many of the shippable items as you can. The price of these items should be on the minimum to ensure fast sell, do not make it a business opportunity. It should help you deal with the unwanted junk.

• Craigslist

Do you have furniture or other items that are difficult to ship? Craigslist is the best option to help you sell your items. The challenge with this option is lack of regulation and supervision. Hence you will need to be careful and use common sense while screening potential buyers.


There are various places that you can donate your items to. Some of them are as listed below.

• A local church or a community center

Most local churches or community center have a donation program that ensures they receive old things from other community members such as furniture and clothing.

• Salvation Army

Salvation Army is an organization that caters to the need in the society. It is a great option since they provide transport means, they will send a truck out to pick up the items from your home. You will need to schedule them in advance. The primary challenge is their unreliability, and they are also picky. Ensure you have a backup plan.

• Friends or Family

Ask all your family members and friends if they want to have any of the items. You will be surprised some of the things you thought were old, one of your family member or friend would love to have it.

Junk it

If none of the above options works for you, or even after selling and donating you still have unwanted junk, then you can have them thrown away using one of these options.

• Garbage Collection

Depending on the size of the junk you want to get rid of, you can use this waste removal option. If it is a small amount, you can do it immediately, just put it in your garbage and have it collected if your municipality accepts it.

• Dumpster

For some of the stuff that does not fit in the above options, you can hire a dumpster and ask some family or friends to help you load it. Do proper estimation to get the proper size of the dumpster for your item. It will help you avoid paying for extra space or ordering a second time.

• Junk Removal Company

Hire a junk removal company which will provide both the labor and trucks. They will remove the items from your house at no extra charge. It is less expensive than the dumpster if you only have a few stuff left in the house. Since this option is intrusive, ensure you do a background check on the company if they are insured and reputable.

From all of us at Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal, we hope this post was helpful and we wish you good luck as you move. If you ever need the services of a junk a removal company, click here to visit the junk removal Maple Ridge website today!

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